Speech by bride/groom


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im tryin to come up with my speech... i wana thank my in laws n stuff but my chinese is really really really bad... im having such a headache doin it... whahaahha... my hanyu quite jialat.. i tink only i understand *lol*

my hubbs also dun wan give speech becos he's super shy type... but i wld like him to at least thank my parents... im sure my parents wld really appreciate it if he were to do it... and might also shock them becos he's always been quiet ard them.. ahahaha


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Has anybody attended wedding where couple played pre-recorded speeches? Is it weird?
We were thinking of doing that as both myself and hubby are quite shy ... hahaa..
any comments?


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hello.. I will be MCing my sisters Wedding in Singapore Aug 08. It is a Canadian/Singaporian/HK wedding. Anyone who has tips or sample speeches for me [email protected] would be greatly appreciated.