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Discussion in 'Wedding Banquets' started by happy sunny, Apr 21, 2001.

  1. Ying1098

    Ying1098 Member

    Hi, I had just emailed to check the package and the coordinator that replied me is also Ziya. Mind to share about her service? Was thinking of Regent for my wedding for the coming year and might be meeting her soon.

  2. honeycrumbs

    honeycrumbs Member

    Hi, she was not my original co ordinator, my original one transfered to another department so she took over. So far nothing negative, she's very friendly and prompt in replying e mails and calls. She also managed to get all our requests done.
  3. misscincin

    misscincin New Member

    Hi, I'm in a mid of choosing the menu for my food tasting. Any graduate brides can give me a review on the food you have chosen for your AD?
    I'm having wedding lunch. So the menu might be different from the wedding dinner. TIA:)
  4. cherryame

    cherryame Member

    hi is your ballroom Royal Pavilion? max 50 tables? due to my date, this is one of the two hotels that is still available now so im considering.

  5. honeycrumbs

    honeycrumbs Member

    Yes, at Royal pavilion, the big room at lobby floor
  6. GObride

    GObride New Member

    Hi ladies, I am thinking of holding a small wedding in Regent. I know they just held a wedding showcase but I missed it. Do you think I can still negotiate for perks? If so what sort of extra perks do they provide typically in wedding fair? Did you like the hotel entrance, general waiting area and the ballroom? Does it look dated or fresh?
  7. zxrach

    zxrach New Member

    hello~ i am short listing regent hotel for my wedding next year. is there any suggestion on the wedding coordinator at regent?
  8. devil0spy

    devil0spy New Member

    look for SOPHIA ONG 9856 6237 Quote recommended by sophia sim :)
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  9. zxrach

    zxrach New Member

    You are her friend?
  10. devil0spy

    devil0spy New Member

    no, not my fren, BUT i dare say she is really damm good! if not for budget constrains i would have gotten regent hotel. no where else ... how many tables r u looking at ?
  11. zxrach

    zxrach New Member

    Okok.. 28-30 tables le
  12. devil0spy

    devil0spy New Member

    when is ur wedding & wats ur budget per tab ? do drop sophia a msg, ask her availability of the date also ask her if ur date is a hot date(more exp per tab). i think the grand ballroom will fits u well ... that one i think minimum 25 tabs ... i dont have so many ...
  13. Xiu11.19.16

    Xiu11.19.16 New Member

    Hi, I am currently working with Zi Ya for my wedding and so far it has been a very good one. Very approachable and comfortable with her which is the most important aspect. I have many questions she responded promptly. Having my wedding this year Nov
  14. zxrach

    zxrach New Member

    thanks! i have already confirm on my banquet with Sophia as well! AD is next year dec
  15. Jeremiah Clough

    Jeremiah Clough New Member

    Will u be interested in regent hotel?

    The package is for 35 tables but u can bring it to less tables, then u will have extra credits for table upgrades hotel rooms etc..

    Original price is 58,900 letting go at 46,900.

    We will be forgoing out deposit of 9000 and paying you 3000 to takeover.

    This makes it 1340 nett per table (35 tables)

    Pls pm me if interested

  16. akane81

    akane81 Member

    Anyone know the payment policy for Regent? How much deposit needed to confirm the booking?
  17. Jeremiah Clough

    Jeremiah Clough New Member

    9000 for deposit
  18. Jeremiah Clough

    Jeremiah Clough New Member

    Have cancelled my package with regent already but if somebody wants to takeover there is a foc discount from me due to the 9k deposit.

    So here is the package details regarding pricing:

    Original price per table: 1429++ = 1682 nett.

    Package now going for a min spend of 36,000 nett - 25 tables
    => each table cost becomes 1440 nett

    Savings of $242 per table. Total 6k discount

    Interested pls let me know thanks
  19. Gwenlhy

    Gwenlhy New Member

    Hi can i have more details? Do contact me at
  20. Ying1234

    Ying1234 New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm letting go my regent hotel wedding banquet for next year 2017. You may change the date subject to availability.

    It is min 30 tables at the main ballroom.

    Do pm me if you're keen to takeover. I will send you details Etc. Will need to get back to the hotel by end of next month.
  21. Ying1234

    Ying1234 New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    We have booked a wedding dinner banquet in 5 November 2017 at Regent Hotel but have to let it go.

    - It will be in the main ballroom at Level 1.
    - Min 30 tables.

    Genuinely interested parties, you can pm me for more details on the perks that we have, per table pricing etc..

    More information will be send to all interested parties.

    Transfer of ownership can be done. The banquet can fall on any dates, subject to availability.

    If you have yet to find any videographer and photographer, I'm selling mine too.

    Videographer is the next chapter film
    Photographer is Synchronal photography
    Check out their Instagram from wonderful works done.

    All deposits have been paid.

    Thank you
  22. Dollysum

    Dollysum Member

    Is this for 2017?
  23. Dollysum

    Dollysum Member

    Anyone held wedding dinner at Regent? How's the layout for the cocktail at the foyer of the Royal Pavilion ballroom? Will be great if anyone have pics to share :)
  24. tilelaine

    tilelaine New Member

    Hi Jeremiah,
    I'm interested in taking over your package if it's still available and can be used in 2017. Let me know.
    My email is
  25. tilelaine

    tilelaine New Member

    Hi, I'm interested to know more about your package if it's still available. My email is
  26. Ying1234

    Ying1234 New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    We have booked a wedding dinner banquet in 5 November 2017 at Regent Hotel but urgently have to let it go.

    - It will be in the main ballroom at Level 1.
    - Min 30 tables.

    Genuinely interested parties, you can pm me for more details on the perks that we have, per table pricing etc..

    More information will be send to all interested parties.

    Transfer of ownership can be done. The banquet can fall on any dates, subject to availability.

    If you have yet to find any videographer and photographer, I'm selling mine too.

    Videographer is the next chapter film
    Photographer is Synchronal photography
    Check out their Instagram from wonderful works done.

    All deposits have been paid.

    Thank you
  27. Tulipmania

    Tulipmania New Member

    Hi there, able to drop me an email on the package that you guys are willing to let go? :)

    I am contactable via

  28. lalilulelo

    lalilulelo New Member

    Hi Ladies, just to share my wedding experience at Regent.

    Coordinator Ang Ziya - before package was signed, she was prompt and helpful. After 1st deposit paid, you have to prompt her to take action. She was MIA on AD briefing cos she was 'busy elsewhere'. No courtesy to even check with the couple even after the wedding ended.

    Florist - Not keen to respond even when you mention you want to do an upgrade of deco

    Solemnisation room - Sound system screw up

    Wedding dinner - Food below average and served cold. Service was bad. Waiters were just so bad and clearly not trained.
    Had spillage on few guests. Uneven serving of food. Waiter just pour the soup out from 1 of the bowls to balance out with other portions. They were also rushing guests to finish up even thou they can clearly see you are still eating. They even miss out to serve guests at the bridal table.
    The banquet managers do take care of you during the dinner. But when dinner has ended, we were not even served our dinner that was put aside.

    Concierge - couldnt get the room key to work because concierge has check out the suite and extra room, even when the wedding was still going on.

    Overall very bad experience with the hotel.
  29. Van_nisterlrooy

    Van_nisterlrooy New Member

    Anyone sign up for their banquet for 2017 during their wedding show in Sep16? care to PM me your package? am thinking of signing with them but is considering the pro and cons.

    thanks in advance
  30. Cynplified

    Cynplified New Member

    Hi, I’m a newly graduate bride. Had our wedding banquet at The Regent early November.

    Our coordinator, Willius, was very attentive and accommodating with our wedding arrangements.

    Banquet captain was also experienced with the arrangements on the actual day.

    Our guests had given very positive feedback on the food that was served.

    Great hospitality received from the staffs.

    Overall, we highly recommend couples to consider hosting their wedding at The Regent.
  31. linslarry

    linslarry New Member

    Hi! Wow.. was it really that bad? I'm seriously considering Regent for my banquet in 2017 and my coordinator is ziya too. So far, among all the hotels we've visited, she seemed to be the only 1 with the best service and will call us up to follow up etc. I'm kinda worried and in a dilemma now
  32. dollielovely

    dollielovely Member

    Hi dear cynplified,

    Yes i agree willius is super customer oriented and attentive. Im served by him at this initial stage and out of several site visits, yes he gave me the most impressive service ever with a great personal touch! End day even i did not choose regent, definately will compliment him to his coy that this man is a real GEM
  33. bassklarinette

    bassklarinette New Member


    I'm interested in the Nassim Room and going to see the site this Sat.

    Could anyone who has recently held their wedding there (2015-16) give some feedback on the food and service? Anyone who went to their wedding show on 19 Feb can share what perks were given as well?

    Thank you!
  34. Chubbbs

    Chubbbs New Member

    Hi! Has anyone signed up with regent hotel recently? may I know if you have managed to negotiate for additional perks? any upcoming wedding shows? Thanks :)
  35. VioletW

    VioletW New Member

    We have signed up with regent for 17 December dinner recently. We cannot get much additional perks except 20L barrel beer and 1 bottle of wine per confirmed table. We signed up anw cos we like the hotel. :)
  36. yojotunes

    yojotunes New Member

    Hello ladies

    Anybody would like to share feedback about your coordinators? We are looking at signing up with Regent for dinner banquet for late 2018.

    Thank you!!
  37. minli

    minli New Member

    My coordinator is Willius Koh, response is slow, does not touch base or follow up with you even when nearing to wedding date.... i am only 3 weeks away to my wedding but emails were not replied after 3 days, whatsapp no reply. I am the one asking questions to find out what do they need to know from me...... maybe bcuz i am only having a small wedding lunch? This was a vast difference i heard from my friends who had weddings at other hotels where their coordinator actively contact the wedding couple 1 month before and make sure the wedding reception goes well.

    If your wedding is being held at the later part of the year, suggest that you select and make them commit to your selected your wedding favors as early as possible first
    , as their suppliers seem to NOT restock those that are OOS along the way. I got the cold reply saying "Stock will only be replenished next year" for the ones we selected despite choosing 3 different ones...
  38. Y.JLee

    Y.JLee New Member

    Hi all!

    Wanted to share my wedding experience for my wedding on 11 Nov held at the Tanglin Room. It was a small cosy dinner for 16 tables. The shape of the room is quite long, so you have a substantial walkway for a nice march in!

    Right from the start, we dealt with Willius, the Catering Sales Manager. For me, he made all the difference in the world. He was always prompt and polite with regards to our enquiries. Even after signing up and paying the deposit, he would drop in with us periodically and let us know the timeline of the things we have to decide on and the details we must provide him with. I was even surprised that on the actual day, he was there to check in on us in the afternoon, once more just before the march in and managed to catch us just when we were checking out the next day! Basically we couldn't have asked for a better coordinator!

    For the actual dinner itself, I observed that the service was very prompt and active in serving drinks. Food was served hot and quite a number of guests commented that it was by far the best food they've experienced at a wedding. Personally, every couple MUST have the Jasmine Tea Smoked Chicken. We scrapped having a 2nd March in just so that we could be seated to eat that dish! :p

    The banquet managers Ian and Isaac were also damn awesome because when we ran out of red wines, instead of asking us to buy more red wines, he offered to convert unopened bottles of white wine to red wines instead, saving us some extra cost. This small gesture shows how genuine they are in caring for their customers.

    Overall, the venue is not the most grand, but it's the people working there that makes it the most special place!

    Oh and breakfast served to your suite the next morning!
  39. Stereophile

    Stereophile New Member

    My wife and I had our dinner banquet on 12 Nov at the Royal Pavilion Ballroom for 30 tables. The wedding was a huge success and all our guest left happy and satisfied.

    The manager in charge was Ziya who met all our expectations. Prompt response and accommodating to our requests. Gave us a level of comfort by providing us her HP number right at the beginning. Of course there wasn’t any critical matters that requires us to call her at late night or over weekends. Nonetheless she responses to messages in reasonable time.

    Nearer the date she assigned her assistant Laura who looked into all nitty gritty details of the event, like table arrangements, cocktail reception layout, program schedule & logistic. Can’t inagine not having Laura taking care of these details for us.

    Alas the banquet Mgr Anba and AV supervisor Chua and team added the magic touch to the night with quick reflexes in situation management and ambience control.

    All in all, nice place with a superb team that gives the star on top of the A.
  40. Andy17

    Andy17 New Member

  41. a_sira

    a_sira New Member

    Hi Andy, my fiance and I signed up as well but think contract is non transferable and non cancellation. I informed my parents n they are quite ok,citing a kinda similar situation in Intercontinental hotel back in 2013 and the restaurant has to be suspended. My choice is still regent though for the themes. Your contract is able to cancel?
  42. dtjr8

    dtjr8 New Member

    Willius was in charge of our banquet and he was both attentive and accomodating to our needs. He was prompt in his response and provide regular update to keep us on track in terms of the preparation along the way. Overall, the whole ceremony went smoothly with the help of the banquet captain and his team on actual day and I would definitely recommend regent hotel for banquet. We received feedback from some of our guests that the food is good as well.
  43. 3viper

    3viper New Member

    Hi BTB!

    I have a referral programme for Regent Hotel. If you are interested to sign a banquet lunch or dinner with Regent, pls PM me.

    You will receive a complimentary one night stay in premium room on your wedding day!
    [Super useful for bridesmaid and helpers!]
    I will receive a dinner voucher.

    Some details about Regent hotel:

    Royal Pavilion Hall: 250-500 guests
    Tanglin Hall: 156-200 guests
    Nassim Hall: 120-160 guests
    Paterson Hall: 100-140 guests

    Cost starting from $100 onwards. Rather affordable in my opinion for a 5 star hotel, serving one Michelin Star food for your guests The beautiful set-up of fresh flowers decor is also included in the package so SUPER worth it and you won’t have to spare additional expense for the decor.

    PM me now!
  44. Zanymaine

    Zanymaine New Member

    Heyyyyy! Can email me I’m interested!
  45. 3viper

    3viper New Member

  46. shujingl

    shujingl New Member

    Regent Hotel banquet to let go.
    $6000 deposit credits
    Min spending 12 tables ($17,300)
    So you pay only $11,300

    Any dates in 2019,
    Any package
    Any ballroom
    Weddings, birthdays or anniversaries celebrations.

    Pls contact me at 90218148 if keen!
  47. Tcws

    Tcws New Member

    Had a wedding banquet at regent paterson room 9 tables. Alison was in charge of our wedding and the whole process was smooth. It was great to have someone responsible and responsive managing our banquet. All our guests fedback that the food and setup was one of the best they have experienced.

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