Precious moments cross stitch!


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postpet2, I send one file over to your hotmail to test test. Pls check if you are able to recieve. Then let me know when to send in the second pc.


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hi snowpooher..

pai seh..and thanks for being so understanding..
trying to create a new yahoo account to store this..
my hotmail is bursting..

will let you know in a minute


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Ok, no worries

BTW, yahoo now is 100 MB


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yeah...anyway, i've cleared away a few big files from my hotmail.
can try again?

really pai seh for being so mah fan..


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snowpooher, never leh..

i think cannot lah..
let me create the yahoo mail for you..
the yahoo site now gone xiao. kept saying page error..

its ok..
I'll PM you when done.


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can u send me the charts for

Sealed with a Kiss
I give you my love forever true
Love is from above
Love Promises are true
Love vows to always bloom
You always be daddy little girl

[email protected]



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Hi Skylar, Pinkdolphin, Clare, Lynn: You got mail.
I dun "owe" anyone liao hor??

Postpet2, still can't get yahoo email acct??



i am wondering if we can setup a yahoo gps and post all the pics in the album?? So whoever has any pic to share can start to post it up...

such big pics will also jam up our mailbox rite?? Will we get into any trouble by postin the pics here?? Heard that now PM veri strict leh... Beta be safe than sorri...

Anyone can advise on this?


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Hi snowpooher,

I like some of your Precious Moments
very much, so if you dun mind i would
like to get some the designs:
1. I give you my love forever true
2. Flower Girl
3. Will you marry me?
4. Love is from above
5. The perfect match
6. Heaven Bless Your Together
7. Love is heaven bound
8. Couples
9. Precious Memories 1
10. Precious Memories 2
11. Puppy Love is from above
12. The lord is the light to happiness
13. Wishing you road of happiness 1

Pls email to [email protected]

Sorry for any inconvience caused!

Thanks alot!!!


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hi snowpooher,

Thank you so much...
i have received all the designs
except the "Couples" and the
"Precious Memories 1"...
so dun mind if you can send this
two designs to me again...

btw, i only received part 1 and
part 3 only... so dun knw got
any part 2 or not???



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Hi snowpooher,

Your PM designs are really very nice

Can you email me the instructions for the below 3?
1) I give you my love forever true
2) Wishing you road of happiness 1
3) The Bridemaid

My email add is: [email protected]

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Hi snowpooher,

Apologies about my yahoo account. I have set up another account at [email protected].

Could you send me the following designs? Thanks loads!
1)To have & to hold
2)Wishing you road of happiness
3)Ringbearer pillow
4)The Lord is the light to happiness
6)The alphabets


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Hi zonkkie, can you create a yahoo acct instead? Hotmail is unable to receive as you have requested for quite a few no. of huge files.


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Hi snowpooher,

was browsing through this forum and happen to see this thread. really love the PM cross stitch you posted. Can you send me the 5 files below?

1. Sealed with a Kiss
2. Precious Memories 1
3. I still do
4. Wishing you road of happiness 1
5. Bride and Groom

my email address is [email protected]

thanks alot.



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Hi snowpooher,
the PM cross stitch pictures r really nice

Me tinkin of makin 1 for my FH .. haven decided which one yet..
all so nice..

if convenient, could you please email me the design & instructions for

1)Love is from above
2)The Perfect Match
3)Wishing you road of happiness 1

My email address is [email protected]

Can i ask u a stupid question? where can i get the materials? the gals here mentioned a place called siew lip, there s branch in Jurong east?
i usually do cross stitches tt come wif the materials & instructions already, 1st time attempting precious moments, so need ur advice



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Chubbyrain, you got mail.

First of all, which area you are staying? Siew Lip has a branch at Jurong Pt but they are selling Anchor Brand threads rather than DMC. YOu can buy the materials at any cross stitch shop. If you dunno, just pass the instruction to the shop owner and she will pack for you one lah.

Alternative, go to Spotlight at Plaza Singapura to buy your materials.


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Hi snowpooher,

got ur email.. wah, u r very fast


i stay in the west, so i can drop by jurong pt to check out the materials.. wats the different bet anchor brand n DMC?

tis is the 1st time i tryin precious moments cross stitch, usually do simple ones.. hopefully the shop owner can teach me a bit


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Hi Chubbyrain,

Maybe you check it out at other shop. Cos Siew Lip is selling Anchor Brand. The color code is different from DMC. And the color also got a bit different. Since you stay at West, check out the shop at Jurong East Central. Near 7-11, there is a shop selling those game cards. You can check with the auntie. Alternative, Ginza Plaza has a Hobby Hse (closed on every Fri).