Phuket, Patong Beach


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Im going to Karon beach Phuket on 26April for 4 nights. any good and cheap spa/massage to recommend? Any worthy activities to try out? Thanks in advance!


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Im going to Karon beach Phuket on 26April for 4 nights. any good and cheap spa/massage to recommend? Any worthy activities to try out? Thanks in advance!


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how to get to Karon Sea Sand Resort from the Phuket airport? How much is a normal taxi ride? Thanks.


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MC, i didn't stay at Karon. but u shld try the jet ski, the ATV, go-kart and parasailing.

all are quite expensive in my view so depending on what u want to try and how much u are willing to spend.
can go on island trips if u want. can take either the ferry or speedboat to Phi Phi Island or coral island if u like the sun and the sea and snorkelling. nice experience.


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Has any1 been to Karon beach at Phuket

Understand that UOB have a promos gg on at Central Karon beach resort at Phuket

Its very cheap n very tempted to go but wld like to find out if there is any beach activities there

Also, any1 kws if this is the beach where recently the news reported that sum gals r robbed n killed there


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Phuket is very safe. Dont worry! Banthai is near to holiday inn as both are in perfect location where there are many shops and pubs.

Karon beach is quieter but still has lots of shops and massage place.

Weather for Oct, Nov and Dec is nice. Calm sea and doesnt rain a lot.

For those who need more information, you can email me at [email protected]. I just came back from Phuket last week


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my hubby and i stayed at banthai last october when we were there at phuket..great location at a reasonable price i would say...very central and it's close to the beach!


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hi, do u think 2 days 1 nite enough for phuket trip? thinking of going for a short trip next month


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2D1N not enough if u intend to go for a full day 8am - 6pm snorkeling trip to various islands... but if u intend to just laze around 1 beach at night go shopping around patong see see walk walk then should be ok...

but quite a waste since u spend money to travel there n only spend 2D1N coz u must also take into consideration ur flight arrival n departure timing...


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juz a quick check, metered taxi (normal saloon car) in Phuket only accomodate max 3pax only??
if 4pax, need to take minivan??
approx hw much for cab fare from airport - hotel in Patong ???


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Anyone can recommend me a good hotel at Patong Beach? I intend to book it good?

Going there to spend my 2nd ROM Anniversary with hubby in late May


this is my 1st trip to Phuket
going there in early May.
i been scrolling the past post of the others.
my choice is either Burasari or Deevana.
intend to go to the other island like phi phi island..
can anyone advise me-
1)is water sport widely found in Patong beach?wat is the price like?

2)wat r the other island tat is worth going? heard tat phi phi island is beautiful.

3)n was whether which island is worth staying overnight?

i intend to book air flight,hotel stay seperately.since there are a lot of travel agency there.was wondering can i jus book a nite stay at Patong beach(online 1st)then go there n book with the tour agency other island trip including accomdation.but worry wait no rms then i got to spend the nite on the beach..haha

any experts or regular traveller to phuket to give me some advise?
i am going to the natas fair as well to c any good deal.


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I hope I am still in time to answer Geraldine and Particia. I am a great fan of this Thai island and I make 2 to 3 trips there a year and each time and I try to explore different resorts each time I am there. Can't get enough of Phuket, massage and Thai food. I have stayed in Burasari twice. Nice boutique resort, friendly staff, good location, beautiful roodms, good service and great breakfast selection. Free wireless internet access. Need I say more =)

There are plenty of water sports along Patong beach, banana boar, jet ski parasailing, board surfing. I recommend that you do flight and hotel separately as you will then have a wider selection of resorts. Try or for booking of rooms. Since this is your first trip to Phuket, I suggest that you do something like island hopping or cave canoeing. Not sure if you want to stay on Phi Phi coz it depends what kind of resorts you are looking at. Perhaps you want to do day trip instead of staying over there. You can book the day trips including accomodation when you are in Phuket. Not to worry coz it's low season in May. Remember to bargain when buying days trips.

If doing free and easy, can do the public taxi instead of mini van or bus even there are only 2 of you. About Baht 350-400. When you exit the arrival hall into the open area outside the building, turn to your right and walk to the end. There is a taxi counter. Note, outside the building ok coz there are a lot of tax/mini-vans counter once you clear custom and collected your bags.

Hope the above information helps and not too late. Oh yes, when you are there, do go the the Zen Japanese Restaurant along Patong Beach and there is another outlet at the Central Festiva off Phuket town. Cheap and good Japanese food. Do visit the shopping mall, Junceylon (I think spelling may not be right but you won’t miss this mall behind Patong Beach)

I am leaving for Phuket this Friday again =) you gals have a good and enjoyable trip with your love ones and friends =)


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Hi, I'm new in this forum, looking for advise about holidaying in Phuket. Is it safe to travel to Phuket? Any choas there. Also thinking of Bali, never been there, but still prefer Phuket if it's safe.


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hi, if i would like to buy the Phuket Fanntesea tickets and to sign up for the elephant trekking course, is it advisable to sign up online first or i can just book at the hotel in phuket itself. WOuld it cheaper that way?


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i am also going there this june.
there are total 12 of us in our group, would like to ask if anyone has contacts for driver for airport to hotel transfers?
is self drive recommendable?


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Hi ladies

I just returned from Phuket, booked my airport transfer with mr mark, highly reccomended from hardwarezone forum. 1000 baht for return trip. The driver (not mr mark) is friendly n nice.

Just a note - dun bother visiting the premium mall at bypass road , it was supposed to be factory outlets but the stuff are ard the same prices as jungcelyon at Phuket. Not many tourist there n it was like a ghost town. Total waste if time


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My partner and I just got back from a Royal Caribbean Cruise to Port Klang and Phuket and it was so awesome! We both had such a great time and Phuket was amazing! You should go check it out, they're having a $3 room upgrade thing now so you just have to pay $3 and they will upgrade you from a balcony room to a suite! And this way, you can enjoy Phuket without having to worry about which hotels are good to stay at. ;)


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Any recommended hotel and resort in Potong Beach, Phuket??
As we're looking for convenience that the hotel will be near to quite alot of shopping mall & beach..
As I planning of going Phuket on Sept 2011 for my honeymoon, but it since like an raining season in Phuket.
Any recommand of shopping mall or other interested place that have to visit when we went phuket??
hi everyone, may i ask those who done overseas proposals to share here pls?
im thinkin of these locations: either japan, s.korea, taiwan or hk
a quiet dinner for 2 wld be awesome, if any of you know or hav done so pls share. thank you!