Discussion in 'Honeymoon And Travel' started by starfruit, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. Partypopper

    Partypopper Party Supplies

    How's the weather now? Is it rainy?

  2. OYHZ

    OYHZ Member

    pretty good despite the monsoon season, considering that we had only about an hour rain on one of the days, and two hours of drizzle on another. Sea is pretty choppy though, so not for those intending to do water sports.. but perfect for honey-mooners just staying at the islands.. :p
  3. DFLAK

    DFLAK New Member

    Maldives is really amazing place. Wish one day I can be back !
  4. tatiana1

    tatiana1 New Member

    Hey all! I signed up especially for the honeymoon info on this thread! Still deciding with my hubby but would absolutely love to go to the Maldivesssss
  5. ing1

    ing1 Member

    Maldives is a beautiful place. If u have a chance, go before the place is gone.
  6. tatiana1

    tatiana1 New Member

    I know! But he wants to go to the French Riviera so bad, he'd like to rent a nice villa and enjoy the Mediterranean... But the Maldives are truly paradise!

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