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#Repost @raymondphangphotography
Here’s a compilation of all the 7 #portraits that we shot for @kindnesssg’s #BeGreater campaign, featuring all the #heroes and #heroines from all walks of life who have served the good public selflessly during the COVID-19 pandemic. From #healthcare workers, transport workers, delivery workers, cleaning workers, migrant workers to safe distancing ambassadors and many others!!

We shot this #photographycampaign right after MTI allowed the resumption of #photography during the #COVID circuit breaker lockdown. And it was also the first campaign shot using the new @canonsingapore camera system - the #CanonR5. We were figuring out the tethering issue cos the system was like a newborn and the tethering system had to keep up with the new updates! We also had to rush down to @alanphoto_sg to purchase the #CFExpress Type B card to test the tethering of raw/jpeg files even though we already have the SD card. The cost of the card was mindblowing... but our boss say it’s worth every cent and the speed was jaw dropping.

The #lighting set up for this set was very clean & simple, we used @aputureasia #300dMarkII and also some #aputure lightdome accessories with grid. Setup was good for both #videography & photography shots for the day.

After it’s a wrap, our boss kept on raving and raving about the wonders of the new Canon R5 system. Angeline rolled her eyes from Jurong Island to Tampines and then from North Pole to South Pole cos she has never seen someone so “naggy” before!! LOLLOL!! If anyone is keen to find out more about the new cam, please feel free to message him ok... save our ears. Hahahahahaha!!

Kthxbye! Remember to mask up, sanitize, stay home if you can, and see a doctor if you’re unwell!! Cheers!!!