How much did you spend for ur ROM?


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hello everyone.
for those who are still looking for ROM venue, i would like to recommend Imperial Garden Restaurant at Safra Yishun Country Club. U can use the country club function room there. i jus had my ROM there on 30/04/2005. everything in (inclusive of 8 dish buffet lunch for 40pax @ $12/pax) was only about $700. They also provided sound system, set up tables n aile, and set up champagne glasses for us. we had a very enjoyable time. it was a very cosy affair as the room size was jus nice. n tehre is also a nice swimming pool with landscaping there. you might want to check it out.


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My ROM cost total:

Dress - Arthur Yen $160
Ang Pow for JP (Outdoors) : $40
Conrad Hi-Tea for 40 Pax: $2300
Hubby Suit (Raffles Tailor) $1200
Wedding Bands (Tiffany&Co): $4400
Hair & Makeup: $150
Photography (Beetles @ Work): $388
Trip to USA (2 Pax) : $6000

Grand Total: $14,638

Wah, i didnt know we spent so much till i wrote this down. Next year still got banquet & renovations for house. Gonna be very broke liao. Hehe


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The total I have spent on my ROM is as follows:-

ROM Package (Bridal Concept) - S$480.00
Wedding Bands (Goldheart) - S$1,700.00
Lunch @ Restaurant - S$500.00
Photograph - N.A

Total: S$2,680.00

I suggest dun spend too much on a ROM if you intend to save $$$ for your banquet and renovations...Try to make it simple and nice...


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The solemnisation ceremony is very significant to me, perhaps even more so than the dinner. So I wanted it done nicely with people I loved.

Lunch & venue - $3200
Wedding bands - $600
Dress - $280
Shoes - $100
Bouquet - $100
Photography - $400
Groom's attire - $300
Makeup and hair - FOC (trial session)


I also find ROM is just as important as customary wedding.. so i want it to be special as well...
Anyway, here's my estimated budgeted cost i will spent for my coming ROM next mth...

Venue : FOC as it is held at sis's condo poolside.
ROM package from Jess haute : $450 (Incl. MTM dress, bouquet, makeup at doorstep)
Hubby's outfit : $100
Shoes : $30 (was on sale when i bought them!)
Catering : $500
Decor for venue : $350
Favours for guests : $100
Photography : $250
Ang Bao for JP : $60
Wedding Bands : $600
Mani & Pedi : $50

Total : $2,500 +/-...


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joelle and jesdreamz, i notice you only spend $600 on wedding bands. is dat for a pair of rings or just one? where did you buy your rings?


Hi michy... Yes, i only spent $600 for a pair of rings. I bought my rings from Goldheart..They are white gold with a small diamond in the centre for both rings... Was actually about $800 but i got the Goldheart Discount card, so entitled to 20% off...


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i will spend quite a lot on ROM, coz i won't have customary and AD. Think maybe over $6,000
i also found that ROM is more important.


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Ya, i agree wif PIG PIG PIG.
I personally felt dat ROM is more impt than the AD. AD is more like 'yi shi yi shi' for family, relatives & friends =)
just my personal opinion


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wow this thread is like four years old... but i think it's pretty helpful esp for those in the planning stage... for me my budget around $3K... my ROM more for family members so I think it's more personal and important for me... so far i've spent:

Venue + Food: Grand Plaza Parkroyal Lunch $2K for 70 pax
Dress: Daniel Yan/ Yam?? $95
MUA: Fanny $168 (incl ampoule + eyelashes)
Photographer: Waipeng $250 (want my family members to enjoy the day, dun want them to have to take pictures cannot enjoy themselves...)
Cards: friend of hubby, who's in printing business
Guestbook: $28 (Waipeng's lobang)
Flowers: $60
JP: Chia Swee Tin (hongbao maybe about $50-$80?)
ROM: $26
Hotel: $300 (3 days 2 nights)
Wedding favours: tiny couple bears FOC

Rings as requested... dun really count them under ROM cos sooner or later also will get... all from Lee Hwa... got free ring pillow from them... heh...
Wedding bands: $600+ for both
Diamond ring: $6.7K
Simple diamond earrings: $500

so far off my head tt's wat i can remember... think hubby's suit he has some suits and shirts he bought from his overseas trips... so he'll use those... shoes haven't buy yet, but probably will get normal pair like $50 won't buy like $300 leapin lizards kind lah...


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Hi, I just ROMed earlier this month. Here's my input!

Venue + Food: $3.1k for 30 pax.
Dress: $ 15 (Metro sale. Bought at 80% discount)
MUA: $80 (incl eyelashes)
Photographer:$168 for 2 hours
Flowers: $25 (self-made)
JP: $68
AP to Venue coordinator: $20
ROM fees: $26
Wedding favours: $25 (chopsticks and self-printed tags)
2 bottles of champagne for JP and Marriage Prep Class coordinators (also invited to join the dinner): $300
6 bottles of red wine for dinner: $120 (only 4 bottles were consumed)
Wedding bands: $1k for both
Jewllery: FOC as gift from mom.


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Hi, would be having my rom next sun...

Here's my list:
Venue & Food: Plaza Parkroyal Lunch - $2K for 40 pax (incl one night stay @ hotel)
Dress: Jess Haute Couture pkg - S$398 (dress, bouquet and a set of accs to match dress)
Makeup & hairdo: S$105(incl ampoule & eyelashes)
Pedi & mani: S$50
Shoes: $30 (bought in KL during holiday)
Hubby's coat: $45 (Rent from bridal shop in JB, rental only RM100)
Photographer: Waipeng - $200
Cards: Dawn from The V Tea Room - S$45
Guestbook: Kalms - $16.90
JP: Prof Yu Shi Ming - hongbao should be $38
ROM: $26
Wedding favours: The V Tea Room - S$175 (floral tea leaves in mini btls)
Sparkling wine: $32 (champagne popping ceremony)
Wedding bands: Lee Hwa - S$2200 for both


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I jus hold my solemnization out of the registry last week, it was rather simple with some of the DIY items.

I cant recall how much I've spend for my ROM, simply too mani figures to work out. However the breakdown are as follows;

(1) Wedding Bands: $2,000
(2) Booking of Executive Suite: $350
(3) Catering: $800
(4) Renting of Stools: $20
(5) Renting of Solemnization Tables & Chairs: $120
(6) Hand Bouquet & Corsage: $70
(7) DIY Floral Arrangement: $130 (inclusive of materials)
(8) Extra Drinks & Snacks: $80
(9) Ang Bao & Gift to JP: $100
(10) Ang Bal & Gifts to Helpers: $80
(11) Hubby's Shirt: $59 (Suit is rented from Bridal Shop)
(12) Makeup & Hairdo: $100 (For both bride n groom)
(13) Pre-ROM Facial for both: $180
(14) Photography: $300


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Just had my ROM on 11 October. Including wedding bands, we spent about $5k++. Breakdown as follows:

Dinner/Venue: Traders Hotel poolside $2,460 (30 pax)
Wedding bands: $1,460 (Lee Hwa)
ROM dress/hand bouquet/MUA: FOC (French Bridal)
Ang Bao for JP: $88 (Mr Chan Kai Yau)
Photographer: $400
Videographer: $400
Hubby's shirt/pants: $150
Wine: 6 bottles @ $110
Champagne: FOC from hotel
Invitation cards: Hand-made $50 (material costs)

But I guess it's worth it coz' till now, I still miss my ROM coz' everything was wonderful!!!


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Venue: Amara Hotel, 41pax - about 1.6k to 1.7k
Wedding bands: erm..about 1.2k (goldheart)
ROM dress: included in my bridal package but I topped up additional $150 for a design I wanted (Dang Bridal)
Ang Pow for JP: $68 (Mr Chan)
Photographer: $280
Videographer: $400
Hubby's outfit: i think about $150
Hubby's shoes: $130
Invitation cards: $50 (handmade)
Bouquet: $68
Make up artiste: $170
Flower girl's outfit: $50
My shoes: $50 (Westmall)
Thank you cards: $20 (for hotel coordinater, JP, makeup artiste and events op manager)

Received about $600plus ang pow and another $600plus gift vouchers


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oh ya...forgot to include

manicure/pedicure: $30
ROM: $26
Ring Pillow: handmade myself, about $30
Facial: $70
Mini DV Tape: $10 for my unofficial videographer...hehe...cos I had an official videographer and the other one was a friend.


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just had my ROM... basically expenses same as i stated above... but i think people who read this thread will be like wah ROM also need to save for ten billion years ah... but don't forget your hong bao collection... for mine, i actually "earned"... total expenditure about $3.1K... collection about $4.4K... so for future BTB don't worry so much... :D


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Hi Gals, my ROM expenses as follow :

Lunch @ Peony Jade: $350/table & i haf 8 tables + wine, beer, etc..Total abt $3K
My Dress : FREE From BS (ROM package)
MUA : $50 to get her out to my hse (by rite is free from BS)
My Shoes : $27.90 from Charles & Keith
Shawl : $8 from Bugis street
Pedi & Medi : $62 (Seems like a muz for every bride-to-be..Haha!!)
Hubby Shirt : $99 from Tangs Vivo City (Blazer & Pants free from BS)
Hubby Shoes : Gift from His aunt
Photographer : $200
Flowers: $65 (Got it from BS)
JP: $50
ROM fees: $26
Invite Cards : $275 (40 cards @ $7/Pce) - C/w free thank u cards for my favours
Wedding favours: FREE from PJ(chopsticks)
Wedding bands: $1k for both
Car Rental : $300 for 3 days
Car Driver (My hubby frenz coz we both dunno how to drive) : $100

Total Ang Paos collected : $5K++..So consider got earn la..


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Here's my ROM expenses:

Booking of LTB cherish suite: $168
Dress, makeup, hairdo: free (from BS)
Heels: $45
Flowers: $65 (from BS)
Pedi and Mani: $44
Hubby's shirt: $50 (From G2000)
Hubby's jacket and pants: Free (From BS)
Hubby's shoes: $100
Wedding Bands: $668
ROM fees: $26
Lunch recep for 4 tables at River City Restaurant: $1100

Total: $2266

Total Ang Pows collected: ard $800 bucks

No earnings, but didn't lose a lot too. Hee....


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hi twinky,

do u mind share to me? how is ur ROM gown look like from BS?
coz i ll have ROM on March & gown also cum fr BS,
they show to me all seem like wedding gown, bottom part a bit 'pong pong' 1, i nvr attend any ROM venue so have no idea.. worry wear too formal like wedding haha


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hi to all... i've been reading these posts and realise noone has their ROM at aloha chalets/maybe didn't mention...

Anyone has anything to share??

i'm planning my ROM this jul... thinking to have it at Aloha or hotels.. cos dunno whether i'll be having a customary.. and most important the BUDGET!! =P


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oh dear.... I was telling FH to give me a budget of $5k (excluding wedding bands) to plan for the ROM ... He's gonna kill me if he ever read this thread..


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hi kel! If it helps my ROM budget was $5k including wedding bands (our bands cost just under $1k) but I didn't have to spend on jewelry/accessories for solemnization - so I managed to save a bit there.


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Hi Kel, if u wan a simple ROM (at the ROM place itself) and no lunch/hi-tea reception, it's very cheap.. can get less than 1K.. (excluding rings)

Most of us here hold it outside ROM premises and/or have reception.. that's why the extra cost..

All boils down to how much ur budget is and how elaborated you wan your ROM to be..

For myself, i budget 3k for ROM (dress, outdoor venue, hi tea buffet, MUA, photographer, ring pillow, flowers, etc) plus another 1.3K for wedding bands..

somehow i notice btb here tends to spend more and elaborate their wedding.. (no offence..
) probably, the more you find out from the forums here, the more you want to include into your ROM event.. haha..


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Hi guys!

Just wondering how long did you plan for your ROM? is 2 mths sufficient to plan an outdoor solemnisation?

Ladies, how long did u spend finding the ideal dress to wear on that day and MUA , PG etc.



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Hi filletOfish,it took me 4 months to plan for ROM.. cos ours was on a rather hot date and outside ROM office.. so needed to find suitable venue and solemniser.

Dress was quite cos I'm not fussy.
I had contacts for MUA and PG from my engagement party so that wasn't a hassle.


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hi filletOfish,

my ROM is on 070707, started planning since last year Dec.. so abt 2 months can settle PG, VG(fren) MUA, dress (sign up with bs but no fitting yet), rings, venue, solemnisor, etc.. Now lull period.. haha.. wait till one month b4 then i plan for other misc stuffs..


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Hi cactus_79 & shice!

Nice to hear from you~ hee.. I guess i will need more than 2 months cos i'm quite a perfectionist....cancerian.

maybe 4 mths also nt enough haha

We intend to ROM in early aug 07. After my final year exam in june cun still need to find job... Faint!! Wondering if i can postponed it to nx year.


er i think i spent ard er...

rom $26
lovethatbinds(cherish room) $168
ROM gown,make up,flower,hairdo $472
hubby shirt $39
Tie $49
high heel $80
photographer $168
wedding band $380
car rental $65
BBQ celebration $350

$1799 + - wow quite alot oso leh... angbao collected total abt 400 oni


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gals, can check with u...
izit a must to have flowers on ROM ah?
coz im thinking of not having any....duno can anot.. =p


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Yah, Sunflower, agree with paradise. It's really up to you. Seriously, ROM doesn't even need wedding bands. Just need NRICs, and solemnizer and 2 witnesses. It's just that people make a big deal out of ROM... shops sell ROM packages.. so pple buy them out of convenience.. then poeple who go alarcarte feel the pressure to have everything which ROM packages have.

Just sharing my personal view.No offense meant to anyone.


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Hi Sunflower,

We meet again.U're so much like me.I refused to have flowers for ROM coz i tot it's going to be useless.i'm only going to hold i for a few seconds.

Hubby suggested that i use some flowers,so i relented juz to give in to him.but i chose a simple one.a bunch of blood red roses,tied with a ribbon.i think 30+ roses in the bunch.

I held it when my dad walked me down the aisle towards the beach.on 2nd tots,the flowers did look nice against my champange coloured dress.and the photos turned out beautifully.


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Hi paradise,

I'm not signing any ROM pakage at all, just a simple solemnisation at our new house. Thats y i'm not sure if hand bouquet, engaging MUA and having a ROM gown is necessary... anyway i'll be barefoot in my house....wearing a nice gown also very weird hehe... =p


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In that case, maybe just put on a nice dress and a little bit of make up for the solemnization. U can do away with the hand bouquet.

The JP we are engaging mentioned that he ever solemnized for a couple who were dressed very casually (as in in shorts and such). He wasnt too happy about it because he felt that solemnizing is a very important and serious affair so the couple must also be serious in the presentation of themselves as well as dress appropriately not only to respect the event itself but the JP.


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Proposed ring $4k+
ROM $26
ROM package $800 + (+ abt 300++ upfront for PS)
Necklace & shoes for me $80
Wedding band $1.1k
Buffet lunch $2.7k (Manage to gain back more that this for the angbao!

Hangbaos all that = $50 JP, mgr all that abt $100
car rental + petrol all that 400
Wedding favours 100
Invitation cards 50
= abt 9.5k


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here's mine for my solemnisation n tea ceremony. not havin any wedding dinner.

wedding bands - 1200
proposal ring - 2000
wine & beer - 900
choc. fondue & dips - 150
deco(venue & car) - 300
venue rental - 110
tables & chairs rental - 300
invitation - 80
ktv system - 450
catering - 1700
shawl - 70
groom suit - 160
MUA - 230
beauty - 400
heels - 80
guo da li - 1500
album - 2200


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Hello All! For your information:

Wedding Bands: $1600
Proposed ring $2400
ROM package: $586 (for poolside @ Merchant Court)
Buffet Lunch: $1440 (appromax 45 pax)
Hangbaos for JP/photographer = $100
Bridal Studio: TBC
ROM Dress/hairstyle/Bouquet: To thrown in by BS
Have not buy Hubby's shirt/pants, my ROM heels etc.

Current spending: $6126.00
Should be spending around 7K for ROM only.


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mine was a simple affair..bought my dress,wedding bands, high tea costs ard $1.5k

i forgo the hand bouquet instead replace with a wrist corsage...which i feel comfortable...not too much hassle


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Hi all,

Wedding Band(haven buy, but wanted something without diamond) - $1000 budgeted
ROM venue plus food - $1755 (50 pax - RTC)
Dress, Hairdo, Makeup, Hubby's suit, hand bouquet - included in BS - so should consider FOC?!
Deco for the venue - budgeted $800 (hopefully can spend less than that.)
JP Ang Bao - $68
Marriage Fee - $26
Ang Bao for frens helping out - $100 (1 MC, 2 Receptionist, 2 photographers)
Heels - $70
Wedding Cake - $100 (Budgeted)
Still need to get invitation cards, maybe some CDs,...well well...seems more ex than expected after i wrote out. :p


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Hi Ladies,

I had my ROM in May..
Expenses as follows

rom $26
lovethatbinds(cherish room) $168
Dress: $50
Make up abd hair: $120
Flowers: $30
Tie $40 (but in the end too hot, hubby took it off)
high heel $39 (best friend bought for me)
photographer $230
wedding band $500 (a pair)
buffet lunch for 34 pax at swissotel merchant court: $700

All in all spent about 1.9k... it was supposed to be a small event... but both side parents wanted to invite many many pple.. that's why ended up having 34pax...


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ladies, i am very surprised that you girls get ang bao for ROM!! do people actually give ang pao when they attend ROM???


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Wedding Bands: $2600
Proposed ring $4800
ROM package: $608
Makeup and hairdo: $188
Buffet Lunch: $1200 (appromax 30 pax)
Hangbaos for JP/photographer = $100
Bridal Studio: Leapin Lizards


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Wedding Bands $2600
Buffet Lunch $700 (20 pax)
JP $48
Photographer $200
ROM package (included in Bridal Pkg)

Total about $4000


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the lunch so cheap from Grand Plaza Parkroyal? $2k for 70pax??? incredile. mine is from orchard hotel and is charging for $1299nett for 30 pax + 1 night stay nia.. sounds like parkroyal got better offer.


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sorry, can someone ans my query:

i see some couples had their ROM package thrown in FOC on top of the bridal package.

qn are,
*do all bridal package offer this FOC ROM?
*if so, do you all normally pay the FULL amount on the bridal package to be entitled to this?
*also, are there any timeline to have the ROM done in compared to the time for bridal package?