Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel


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anyone had Eddie as their co-ordinator before? how is his service?

or are there any good and responsible co-ordinator to recommend in Grand Copthorne Waterfront?



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Hi, had Eddie as my co-ordinator. He may sound unfriendly over the phone, but he really is a nice and patient man. Give him your request, and he will definitely try to make sure its done. So dun worry =)


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Hi Juice, attended a wedding earlier this year, and just had our ceremony two weeks ago. Feedback from guests, "food is great, wish can takeaway". The chef is not from the restaurant, in fact i heard he is posted to the hotel specially to cook for banquets.


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Dear ladies

I just had my wedding at GCW on 3 Oct 09. I just wanna share my experience with all of you.

Regarding JM Floral, when we first went for our appointment, she fly kite. Didnt turn up. Subsequently, she came my house and promised to make it up to us and offered us red roses on my guest tables. My theme is red roses and I only have 13 guest tables and 1 VIP table.

However, the guest tables was NOT decorated according to what Dolly has promised us. As you can see from the attached photo, the guest tables are very plainly decorated indeed and we have had some negative feedback on that.

Secondly, the roses on the rose stand had their covers on and the roses were not able to bloom (see attached photo). Our guests had noticed that during the wedding and thought it odd. We also thought that this was very poorly done. I was also informed that the rooms were decorated on a last minute basis and that could be why it was not done with much heart. This was certainly something which we thought disappointing as the theme of the wedding was definitely red roses.

In summary, JM Floral has given us a very negative impression of their business, being negligence on not only appointments, but also on their jobs which is a once-in-a-lifetime event for the newly-weds.

Please do all u can to ensure that they deliver their promises on your floral decorations.

We also noted that our banquet manager was not briefed on some of the details and had to be briefed by my hubby instead during the final briefing at 5pm on the actual day. We felt that it could be more stress-free for the couple if the banquet manager could meet the couple for the rehearsal/briefing, together with the wedding planner before the actual day.

My planner for GCW is Elizabeth and overall, she's done a good job! I'm also a Di Gio bride - served by Sandy and Josephine. They are very nice too!

Good luck ladies!




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Ava Koh: Hi, i went to my friend's solemnisation lunch and it was gd. yup.. this seems more plain than my friend's 20 Sep 09 table. Their was 8 tables.. overall quite.

Hopefully, mine is ok.. Elizabeth is also my coordinator.. so far so good. Hopefully the florist can be gd..


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ya, somemore mine is Saturday night dinner, more expensive one.

My sisters also commented that actually the banquet manager was quite rude to my hubby during the final briefing on the AD and even asked him "wHat time will the dinner start"??? which we have already discussed with the planner. My sisters were furious and i only knew about it last weekend when i met them for dinner. Make sure that your banquet manager knows what is going on.

Ya, JM was supposed to call us to apologise but unfortunately we did not hear from them. I think it is too late for their "service recovery" now. Impression is made, period. some of my sisters who are also getting married soon, are also waiting to see what GCW can do in this case, otherwise, next time, when they consider hotels for wedding dinner, they might not use GWC liao.


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I had my wedding there last week. review from the guest is the food is quite ok. But quite alot of bad reviews about the waiters and waitresses... service is bad... also do take note, you might want to ask your banquet manager that day to slow the pace.

As I was very busy that day, I did not realise that we actually started the banquet early at 8pm, wanted to start at 8.15pm or so but I did not brief the manager. And also the food was served WAY too fast... I had 34 tables but when I got to about 24th table for photo taking they were already going to serve the 2nd last dish!!! so do take note...


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Hi natsu_yuki,

I will take note of that and inform the banquet manager. Did u have the sea bass for your dinner? i did not go for food tasting so still thinking whether to choose sea bass or the snapper. Hope to hear your advice. Thanks


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I took pomfret for dinner so not sure about how the sea bass will be but I heard from my guest that the pomfret was actually quite nicely done. hths


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Hi, my wedding ended recently and I have Grand Copthorne Map Inserts to let go at 10 cents each.

These map inserts were not bought off the shelve. As I searched for the info and designed it myself, the information provided is clear and comprehensive.

Some of the information on the map includes:

(i) Bus stops & bus service numbers.
(ii) Bus stops to alight at (depending on which direction you are coming from.)
(iii) Direction of road flow for drivers. (This was put in as the road system is abit complex there.)
(iv) Entry into hotel carpark.
(v) Landmarks in the vicinity.
(vi) The buses to take from the nearest MRT stations.

The print quality is good as the maps were printed at the print shop. The picture I have attached is quite blur (taken from hp). You can always view the map first before deciding whether to get from me.

If interested, pls email me at:

[email protected]

hey gals, read about some experience with JM - quite worried =(

even since some threads ago... JM have been rated badly already.....

and also recently been hearing about the poor service given by the servers...

Worried worried worried...............


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Hey girls, I am super worried too after reading all the reviews even tho my AD is still far away (19 Dec 2010). Are we (BTB @GCW) able to do something about it together like feedback to our coordinator or hotel mgt?


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ber, yah agreed, she is very nice! I emailed her my concerns leh....she replied me...hahaa!!
But I was thinking would it be possible to meet up with the banquet mgr e day before my AD instead of just the AD afternoon itself?
agnes ~ babe u emailed her on our worries ... regarding the florist?

can share whats her view on this?


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Hi Jolene and ber,

I emailed her regarding my concerns on the florist and hotel servers.
For the florist, she said they have changed their system to cope with the high demand. But she will continue to monitor their service. As for the hotel service, she has taken note and highlighted it to their operation team.
Well, let's hope things will get better next yr?

BTW, did Elizabeth tell you all about meeting the banquet mgr only on the AD itself only?
Agnes>> change e system? but hopefully there is improvement..
I'm with sheena, think she did go through the timeline tat we will mit e banquet mgr only on e AD itself..
agnes - thanks for sharing with us!

I think it is the norm to meet the banquet manager only on the AD... cos ive been many times jie mei for my gfs this year... i always see that the groom get to meet the manager only on the AD for briefing...


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oh because Elizabeth explained that there was a period of time whereby this JM florist have been overwhelmed, esp there are many weddings held not only in Grand Copthorne Hotel but also island wide during peak. That's the reason why they have to change their system in order to cope with this.


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Hey gals, no problem!
Btw d you all gals booked the Grand Ballroom or the Waterfront one? I'm worried about filling up the tables in the Grand Ballroom leh....
we booked the grand ballroom...
i think for us shld be ok, cos my bf side has got lotsss relatives....

glad to hear from Elizabeth that JM has changed their system... =D
hopefully things will be better!

whens ur big day agnes?
agnes! my big day is 29 oct next year --> equally far too haha

but lets enjoy our planning process ya! The big day is juz one day... planning is one year long!

but still... im like you, cant wait for that day to arrive! =D


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haaa gals.. my BIG dae is one month later than Agnes. Super far lo. I called my designer tat dae, he said we will meet up next month to design the gowns hee...


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WOW gals,
Looks like I am still far behind leh as compared to all of you. I haven't even start anything yet. Have u all decide on any BS or PG/VG? Im still very headache about this

Penguin: Care to share your BS?
hey babes!
I saw the $58 rebate per table too!! =(

i only have the $688 from the lucky spin... ok la better than nothing hahah


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Agnes-> No pro.. mine is DioGio n I hv choosen my PG. He took for my ROM n I kind of like his style. VG still looking around
DUn woriii, u do some research first but dun take too long cos Singaporeans are all veri kiasu ones. Haaa

OMG! I also have the lowest deduction fm the lucky spin. Sianz!


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Hi all....
I also have the lowest amount from the lucky spin....
But @ least we secured the dates we wanted already...=)


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Hi Icager, u are rite. My bf took me the exact thing. Well, we have to give n take. Perhaps with such rebates, we cant secure the dates we desired.
Agnes>> my AD oso like u so far away.. mine on 18Sept.. Mi settle hotel,BS & PG.. nw looking for VG.

yup.. i saw e new deals offer by GCW. but i feel tat e one that i confirmed based on e 10th yr anni is more worth.. but like Icager mention, we have secured e date we wanted is more important..


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now they having wedding promotion. rebate of $58 per table for wkends ler!! my god. we book the package at such high price and now they having the rebate things.


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Sianz leh....seems like the $58 rebates is better deal? Mine is the 10 years anniversary deal with 2 bottles of wine per table...but then i was thinking if I have to wait until this $58 rebates, then I think the only dates available will be only 2011 because from what I know, 2010 weekends dates seems fully booked.