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  1. MM1986

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    My wedding was held on dec 2014 in the Windsor ballroom with poolside solemnisation. Overall the response I've gotten from my family/friends is the food is indeed very good as compared to other hotels during that period. (Now I'm not very sure of the food standards of gwp and other hotels) The perks that GWP given is very strict so if you are keen on gwp, is better that you sign during wedding shows where they will thrown in more perks. I did not sign during roadshow where we have another friend signed the contract during roadshows, so we know the additional perks that was given but unable to negotiate much. However, they are pretty helpful to modify your wedding to your needs. Example, my wedding was near Christmas and I do not need the model wedding cake, so they allow me to top up and get their Christmas log cake instead. During my wedding preparations, they also giving out special wedding favours (teacup) which is not in their normal wedding favours list and my coordinator asked me if I would like to have that as well. I've closed 1-2 tables due to holiday season and some of our friends unable to make it for our wedding, GWP actually allow us to use the table money for other stuff eg. Muslim/vegetarian friends meals, Peking duck, wines etc.
    Perhaps talk to your coordinator, sometimes they can give very good advice for your wedding preparations.
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  2. pinkieeshortcake

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    Hi fellow GWP btbs n brides considering GWP, i would like to share my review with u girls. I graduated last August. I signed during the wedding show n deposit of 25% has to be made to secure the date. Remaining amt was paid aft the event.

    The staff at GWP has been great, efficient and prompt. Service was prompt n food was delicious as well. Alot of my guests complimented on the red wine as well. My guests also finished all the desserts at the desserts table , which was catered by GWP itself.
    My banquet managers are Marc n Steven. Both of them were really great n Marc was especially attentive to me, making sure i had a cup of warm water to drink all the time. He made us very comfortable n kept calming us as we were quite nervous.. Marc will make sure everything goes smoothly n im really glad to have him as the banquet manager for my wedding! :) Future btbs can request for him on ur AD if possible.
    My wedding co-ordinator was originally Ivy . Ivy is a very responsible and reliable coordinator. Shes very prompt to all my enquires and takes the initiative to contact us for the wedding planning. However, she had to go on maternity leave and her boss, Terence, took over. The service rendered by him was exemplary. He made sure that all my requests and changes were met and everything was well taken care of. Thumbs up to Ivy n Terence. :)
    Hope my review helps! All the best for ur wedding prep ladies!
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    Hey guys, I signed up with Goodwood park in January this year. My coordinator was Don Eng. Today I just got wind that he left and another lady by the name of Dora Low took over.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping this will be a smooth transition. Any tips on changes like this, people?
  4. wenzi123

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    Hi all, have anyone signed up with GWP recently? They require a 25% deposit and 50% 2 months before the event, which I thought was quite a huge amount even before the event. Did anyone negotiated for the remaining to be paid after the event? (cos they said it was a new rule they came up this year?)

    Also, i missed out on the recent wedding show, could anyone share their package with me pls? thanks!!
  5. jaebaby

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    Hi I signed with GWP early last year, yes same payment arrangement :)
  6. dollielovely

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    Any reviews on recent for gwp? Thks
  7. asuna

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    Hello brides!

    Am wondering if anyone here went to the GWP wedding fair today? I couldn't make it as I was out of town.. would anyone be able to share their fair perks pls?
    Or if anyone has any reviews on the hotel/food?

    Thanks in advance!
  8. fullofdusk

    fullofdusk Member

    I went!

    Perks are $888 rebate for every 10 tables, free wine free dessert table. Sth like that! They are extending till 24 March!
  9. asuna

    asuna New Member

    Thanks for the info, fullofdusk!
    Did u sign with them?
    Would u know if these perks are further negotiable ?
  10. fullofdusk

    fullofdusk Member

    No leh I didn't sign because we didn't have enough tables for Windsor Ballroom and we didn't like Tudor ballroom! But the perks were really good!
  11. asuna

    asuna New Member

    I am also sorta caught in that situation! Haha! Thanks for the info and I hope you have found something suitable for u!
  12. pinkconnoisseur

    pinkconnoisseur New Member

    Hi there, have anyone considered Tudor ballroom before? Is the aisle wide enough? I am thinking of having a military walk-in!
  13. fullofdusk

    fullofdusk Member

    Even if you have 18 tables it's quite squeezy!
  14. pinkconnoisseur

    pinkconnoisseur New Member

    omg saw your reply here! thank you :)))
  15. asuna

    asuna New Member

    Hi! Any Goodwood BTBs around ?
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  16. Oneorangelily

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    Me! Dec 2017
  17. asuna

    asuna New Member

    Congratulations! Have you done your food tasting etc etc? I'm also a Goodwood bride but in 2018! Haven't done anything except payments so far.
  18. Oneorangelily

    Oneorangelily New Member

    Same, I've only made the first deposit so far
  19. Veronica1909

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    Hi.. haf anyone held their wedding Tudor ballroom? Issit very squeezy to hold 20 tables? Wanted to book Winsdor ballroom but the date i wanted is taken.
  20. fullofdusk

    fullofdusk Member

    They cannot fit 20 tables unless you put them at the corridor. They mentioned that at max they can only fit 19, with 3 more tables at the corridor. Suggest you cut your numbers or find another place
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