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would be holding our wedding on 3rd July 2010. can trouble you to advise on a package for photography and videography for the whole day (first part of the program will be in johor)? Thanks!

please send to [email protected]

Seow Yen


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Hi Blackbox!

Im looking for a videographer and photographer for my wedding in Singapore (church and dinner). I also need the same for the wedding in Msia (not sure if you guys would do that?).

Could you let me know your costs? I would much prefer to have the same company do the Sg and Msian legs of the wedding.

Also, I wonder if you could also send me the packages for pre wedding photoshoots? Will you work with my bridal salon?

Please email me: [email protected]


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Dear Blackbox,

Below are my schedule for my AD tentatively.

Date: 14th May 2011, Saturday
* Will fetch bride from hotel.
* Will have tea ceremony in hotel.
* Wedding Lunch.

06:00am - Bride reaches hotel & Makeup starts.
07:15am - Bridegroom & brothers reach hotel to fetch Bride.
08:00am - Tea ceremony with Bride's Family/Relatives.
08:45am - Leaves hotel for Bridegroom's house.
09:30am - Leaves Bridegroom's house for hotel
10:00am - Tea ceremony with Bridegroom's Family/Relatives
11:30am - Starts of Reception & Cocktail.
12:30am ~ 13:00pm - Official start of wedding lunch.

Special Requirements:
* Photography montage(Slideshow) to show during wedding lunch. (Montage of Morning activities For e.g Bride makeup, Fetching Bride, tea ceremony etc.)

Please email me your package & price to [email protected]
- PG
- PG & VG



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Dear Blackbox,

Appreciate if you can send me details of your wedding packages, as those are unavailable in your website.

Thank you.


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Can I have the rates for the following packages?

1. AD photography and videography + Express Highlights + Montage
2. AD photography and videography
3. AD photography
4. AD videography

[email protected]