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Wedding Bedsheet for sale

Love Story Comforter Set (350 threadcount with 100% Cotton Non-joining£©

Actual bedsheet color should be first and second photos. Third photo due to lighting effect.

Queen size and king size comforter set available.

Interested, pls email to [email protected]


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<font color="0000ff">*Brand New* Queen-sized bedsheets for sale @ $40</font>
comes with a fitted sheet, 2 pillow cases &amp; 1 bolster case.

Payment &amp; Collection:
- Cash &amp; Carry
- Weekdays noon/evenings: Alexandra Road, HarbourFront
- Weekdays evenings: any MRT station along West line between Tiong Bahru &amp; Jurong East
- Weekdays evenings: Yew Tee area
- Daily nights: Jurong West area
You can also opt for self-pick up @ CCK St.62 @ anytime

For enquiries or details, please email [email protected]


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Just wanna share the wedding bedsheet i bought from Design very suitable as traditional wedding bedsheet or 'an chuang'( which pleases my mum-in-law a lot). Also very happy with the easy buying from the net, delivery to doorstep service, thoughtful packaging too. They got many other cute n modern designs too :

Here's the one i bought for an chuang:



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Hi Melissa, would like to check how much you bought the above? As I view their website, mainly queen fitted sheet, and queen comforter set. Btw, do you have any idea whats the diff for Queen quilt cover - Duvet Set?


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anyone got good recommendations for 100% egyptian cotton?? looking for king size, height 13" think most sheets can cover?? so far saw hallmark full set seems to be around $500 per set?


Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have 2 sets of (450 &amp; 500 TC) King Size Bedsheets consisting of (1 Quilt Cover, 1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Pillow Shams &amp; 1 Bolster Case) respectively. In addition, I have a King size Silk quilt to let go all at a Discounted rate. I have to let these go as there are some last min changes to my accommodation.

Interested parties, pls drop me an email at [email protected] for further enquiries. Attached pics for your pleasure.



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selling off my bedsheet which i have bought extra

include hallmarks and jean perry brands

full set, king and queen size from 170 per set of high thread count.


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In buying bedsheet, you must consider the following:
1. Smooth/soft
A. Tencel
B. Promodal/modal
C. Ecosilk
D. Bamboo
- these fabrics are extremely soft. Softer than cotton and cheaper than silk. But must always remember to wash it gently. If possible, you need to hand wash.these are machine washable but must use cold water. Spinning must not be very fast or else it will spoil your fabric.

2. Life span
A. Egyptian cotton- it is not as soft as silk but it has the longest life span. This is recommended for those who have skin allergies coz u can wash with warm/ hot water in order to kill all the bacteria:)... but you must be very aware of egyptian sheets nowadays. Promoters always says that its 100% egyptian cotton(ofcorz they need sales) but the truth is - only a small amount of it contains a good stuff. 1.Always check the label If it has the logo (search it in google if what it looks like). So far I found this logo in Balmain, Co'zy, and Shecando. 2. Check the weight. Some brand claims to have 1000TC/10cm square but you didn't know about the tricks of the bedsheet companies nowadays; they twisted 1ply into two and it is called double ply. That means if u purchase 1000TC it is only equivalent to 500TC. 500TCsingle ply is durable than 1000TC double ply.
B. Supima cotton- supima is the trade mark of pima cotton. It is more fine than egyptian cotton but the life span is not as good as egyptian.
C. Cotton sateen- the most common cotton and the cheapest


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Ser50, u purchased hallmark egyptian that's y its more lasting than co'zy studio which is cotton sateen. Try to purchase co'zy egyptian and try to compare. Before I thought also same thing...I always compare brand by brand but then slowly I realized that u need to compare same fabric of same brand.

amit kumar

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Darvi Home Multicolour 100% Cotton Bedsheet - Set of 5, Darvi 5d bedsheet combo, light weight bedsheets combo, designer 5 bedsheets from Shop Double Bed Sheets, Single Bed Sheets Online in India at best price. Darvi 5D bed-sheet is the best product for your bed-room with eye catching designs. It is designed to excellence and fits easily with any interiors setting and comes with two matching pillow covers.



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I recommend comfort bedding. My friend purchased single cotton bed sheet before 2 month ago from this website. This bed sheet quality is super soft, durable and longtime.