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yes..but tight for you to walk... but you get those storage platform ones like the picture above no way.. else definitely can make sure your depth also got enough space for you to walk.


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Dear All,

I had bought my Simmmon mattress at Robinson, but don't know is a good deal or not. I prefer Robinson service and everything can talk n exchange when u not satisfactory.

Actually i am confuse and don't know where to find a good bedfrane. I don't feel want to buy simmon bed frame cause feel it's quite ex not really worth it.

So, anyone here can recommend me where to find good and resonable price bed frame? I am looking the flat bedframe at bottom part which can support the mattress.


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Does anyone know if it is cheaper to by a bed frame (the kind with storage underneath - with drawers) or to get a contractor to make a platform with storage?


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hi all,

we are looking for a suitable bedframe for our simmons mattress. we were told that a flat bed frame will be more ideal as it will damage the colis.. any suggestions?


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U can try Hommage furniture,Blk 151 Serangoon North Ave 2 #01-39 they have quite a few brands of mattress which selling much cheaper than the retail shop. They do not have much display just tell them the model u tell. I bought my bedframe over there with storage underneath & bed side table.


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Just went to new Lorenzo showroom .. I found their bedrame quite nice ... might want to take a look there....


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U can try at Barang Barang for the solid teakwood if u like wood frame. Now having 30% sales. I have mine there for King Size and we bought simmon mattress too at Robinson during sale.


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Anyone bought bed frame with storage from St Louis in IMM? Care to share your views.


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Hi there,

Are all the king size and queen size bed frame of standard dimensions?

What is the difference in the width of the king and queen size bed frame?

Thanks for sharing.


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standard i think is 1.8x1.8 for queen & 2.1x1.8 for king....not too sure too. the difference is about a few cm in width


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Hi All,

Selling the bedframe for only $80.
As you can see in the pic, you can store your pillows, blosters etc at the front of the bed.

Self collection at Hougang Ave 8 or
arrange own delivery. Collection in late May.

Please PM/email me at [email protected] for
any enquiries, viewing can be arranged on weekdays after 8pm or during weekends.




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anyone knows for simmon matress the king size of size

182cm x 190cm where can get ready bed frame?

was looking at cellini.. but seems cellini cant fit


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I recently bought a king size sealy mattress (183cm x 190cm).

Does anyone know where I can get a bed frame for that?


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there are alot of advertisements for matteress for sale during this GSS period.
wondering which is a good and not so expensive brand..anyone can advice?


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Hey ... anyone has good recommendations for places to buy bedframes or even mattresses? Been going around like a headless fly. Cannot seem to find a good place to browse for nice beds. I'm looking at that type of bedframe that is made of cushioned-cloth probably. Not really into the leather type, neither the wooden or metal type.


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hihi... i gt my storage bedframe from Four stars. I bought it last mth, together with mattress also. Its a wholesale price. If interested, email me [email protected] for the contact as i do not frequent to this thread.

Thank you.


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hi there.. i got my storage bed + princebed mattress from Mattress Atrium at the furniture mall at beach road. the finishings of the bed is very good. unlike many common brand where you can see all the staples on the inside of the hinged-up board.


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Anyone knows where is a good place to buy reasonably good (i.e. not cheapskate, can last for several years) bedframes costing <$500 for a king-sized bed? I do not want those synthetic leather types. Thks.
hi sleepwell,
thanks for the valuable info
especially the part u mentioned about the diff between warranty &amp; guarantee..

Magic koil is manufactured locally...ya,a more expensive mattress may have similar feel with the cheaper one..This magic koil,cost $390 is even more comfortable than the $650 king koil that we saw at Roland...

We visited Pickel &amp; Rail, their mattresses r really hard as sea horse..We should have bought the mattress &amp; bed frame at price of $499(offer) if the mattress is not that hard...

most mattress nowadays come with anti-xxxx...15years warranty features...the different are the fabrics,springs as u mentioned..

Yup...Magic Koil is a Singaporean brand that makes and sells its bed only in Singapore.