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I am going to Bali for a short holidays (4D3N) with my husband in Jun.

Have anyone stayed in Villa Air Bali before? I am interested in on of their packages.

Need advise. Thanks.


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Hi, this was posted in this forum, sometimes ago;

Noknok (noknok)
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Hi all,

Finally back from my honeymoon after planning for it from May.

We booked the whole trip from EOJ's contact (eoj, joseph did mention ur name to us :) )

Before we decide to use the travel agent, I emailed Villa Air directly to ask for the quotation for the honeymoon package. Joseph managed to negotiate for a lower price then the one I emailed directly. The driver he found for us is very friendly too. We totally enjoyed our trip. Although it's a pity that it rained on the first day when we went to the volcano. :)

Must try the hot stone spa from Jojo.. very very good.. but spa in Baliwis can skip.. that one is bad... Spa in the Villa is great too.

For honeymooners who are looking for private pool villa, I strongly recommend Villa Air. They gave us the spa villa which has a jacuzzi and a steam bath. They have a computer with internet connection in the room. Their service was great too. They have 6 different kinds of breakfast to choose from (American, healthy, chinese, indonesian, japanese/Korean). The portion are BIG.. They serve daily afternoon tea too.. We were a bit reluctant to leave the villa on tours that were arranged.. haha just wanna stay in villa and do nothing.

All in all, we totally enjoyed our trip.


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Hi all we are going to Bali in November 2010, 6 adults and 1 baby 1 years old. Please advise me a good agent contact there for hotel $100 per night and also transport for 3 days, my email is [email protected].

Thanks to everyone


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hi ruthie

body work is nice area for spa,my driver billy recommend this place,good price and nice staff.
so i trust billy and will recommend him on this forum. his web
his agood driver,good english,always happy & smile.
your trip will fun with him.


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Me & hubby just decided to go Bali in Nov'10 to relax.. We are still searching for info on it.,

Pls recommend which area (Ubut, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Semiyak, etc) to stay in. Thanks.


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Hi everyone

I been to Bali with my hubby and his family in Dec 2010. We are a big group of 6 adults and 2 children. We contacted Billy to be our driver, but it turns out that he was busy and got another driver to take our job. To our pleasant surprise, the driver is honest, sincere, and able to recommend to us good places which is not in the typical Bali places of interest. On our last day, he brought us to a store near the airport where we can buy lots bali products from clothes to shoes to food and even coffee and other merchandise. It is a fixed price shop and its a whole lot cheaper than those tourist places in Kuta or Ubud!

What we like best about this driver is he is honest and not commercialised, unlike the rest who take a cut of commission when they help you book say water sports or spa. He is unlike drivers who appear smiley but when it comes to service, he is very good and sincere, we feel he is honest and simple guy who is much better than those commercialised drivers. He help you plan your trip according to your needs.

Strongly recommend this driver, his name is Made Arim, hp is +6281 237 71735. Email is [email protected]


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hi blue

made arim is billy,s driver.he working with him.
i been with him too. but i think billy more funny and always make joking during on the trip so make more fun. arim some time more quit.because his quit
so i ring billy be my driver on next trip.for price billy always reasonable price. for itinerary billy always introduce a good idea and perfect time. so my recommend is billy the best my driver in bali
email is [email protected].


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hay all,
my name dewa,im from bali i need to share litle bit about bali,if you want to know about restaurant,place,activities,and other else in bali,i will give you the inform,i hope can help you give inform before you came to bali


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Lux on budget Bella vista villa special price on November $150USD/night!
Normal price $175USD

2 bedroom
Big pool n garden
200m from center of Seminyak/Oberoi (shopping center, sophisticated place)

PM for more info!


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How long do you guys generally stay for Bali, I'm considering staying for just 1 week before flying off the nearby countries. Not sure if that's advisable.


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Hi nini

thanks for your info on the hotel... I found some cheap rooms at Asiarooms also. u can check out the website for info... Think i will be booking Le Meridian for 3 nights... Its next to the Tanah Lot Sea Temple, plus its quite self contained...


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Hi everyone, very interesting to read all the suggestions and experiences.
I'm thinking of going to Bali sometime next year so it's good to read up first :)

One thing for seems to be the most popular honeymoon destination on here! So many threads about Bali haha :D


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Wow, found this thread and found out many places to be considering during my year end Bali trip (hopefully this pandemic will be over by then).
It will be good if anyone will be able to share their experiences in Bali during the recent years too! (2018/2019)
Wow, found this thread and found out many places to be considering during my year end Bali trip (hopefully this pandemic will be over by then).
It will be good if anyone will be able to share their experiences in Bali during the recent years too! (2018/2019)

I missed my Bali trip too. Fantastic motorcycle rides and great views. But I think we won't be able to go until probably the end of 2021.