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Hi everyone

I been to Bali with my hubby and his family in Dec 2010. We are a big group of 6 adults and 2 children. We contacted Billy to be our driver, but it turns out that he was busy and got another driver to take our job. To our pleasant surprise, the driver is honest, sincere, and able to recommend to us good places which is not in the typical Bali places of interest. On our last day, he brought us to a store near the airport where we can buy lots bali products from clothes to shoes to food and even coffee and other merchandise. It is a fixed price shop and its a whole lot cheaper than those tourist places in Kuta or Ubud!

What we like best about this driver is he is honest and not commercialised, unlike the rest who take a cut of commission when they help you book say water sports or spa. He is unlike drivers who appear smiley but when it comes to service, he is very good and sincere, we feel he is honest and simple guy who is much better than those commercialised drivers. He help you plan your trip according to your needs.

Strongly recommend this driver, his name is Made Arim, hp is +6281 237 71735. Email is [email protected]


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i recommend billy to my friends for they holidays in bali last months. but his very busy for group , he bring his team. my friends very happy with billy,s team service.same like billy,,honest,friendly my friends enjoyed they trip with billy transport service..
for you guys...i recommend billy transport service for your trip in will have fun,happy, him
enjoyed your days with smile,happy,honest driver...he will look after you. ....


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i went to bali last week for short trip with my friends. i contact billi for my driver again in bali..but for trip i am not coming with them...because i been everywhere so just rilexs at villa.after finish frm trip my friends all happy and they enjoyed the trip with billi. they said billi help and always look after them. i am very happy to hear they enjoyed and first time to bali.
strongly recommend for all guys to billy transport or email him :billy_riwan he will look after you like friends not his clients. good day.


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hi lorraine

yes his good person. if his busy then he bring good team to look after his clients. he have many driver working with him. last week my friend went to bali and use billy transport company. billy driver take my friend around.they are enjoy holidays in bali.
so i will strong recommend to billy,s transport in here to sharing. or his email,[email protected] .cheers......


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hi all

my name is lee tiger, i working in jakarta. i know billy from recommend my friend when they are in bali.i been to bali many time and always use different driver, i try to call billy to pick me up at airport.and he take me for tour, he,is funny,honest,humor person make my trip fun. and he always help me to get cheaper price. he good driver and always happy. i will contact him again
if i will back to bali. strong recommend to billy
transportation. his email:[email protected].


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hi all,
im smarabawa,im balinese im also freelance driver,if you need information about,place,what you can do,beach,etc in bali before you come to bali, i will share for you all
or you can contact me at my email : [email protected]
i hope i can help litle bit for you all


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luwak coffe at taman nadi agrotourism


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I went with my bf to Bali in Feb this year and that was my 2nd trip there.

For those who are looking for drivers, you may contact the driver whom I engaged for the 3 day tours. He is a very easy going, friendly, patient and helpful. Bottomline is he goes the extra miles.

His name is Agus Brank, email is [email protected]


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Hi planning a honeymoon to Bali & Lombok this Sept/Oct..

Going on free and easy so does any helpful friends have traveling tips and things to do there?


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Hi camsumer,

There's a lot of things to do there. Depends on what kind of holiday you want though. If you're the adventurous sort, there's many active volcanos that you can climb in Bali (Mount Batur or Mount Agung) and Lombok (Mount Rinjani). Or you could take up some surfing lessons at Kuta beach. It's really chillax and fun!

Or you can just rent a motorbike and ride around. Just that the traffic is pretty bad during the evenings :/ There's many beaches in Bali - Kuta, Legian, Seminyak etc. Or you can go paragliding!! Just google it and you'll find the company doing it. It's a little far off from Kuta though and you might have to arrange for transport there.

One tip: When you are changing money at the money xchange, make sure you count the money a few times before leaving cause I got conned once. They tried to hide the money somehow behind the counters.

Have fun! :)


My friend highly recommended alila too. She say very nice villa.. But abit pricey..
Yes it is but i think it worth it. I took my pre-wed pic there and the queitness and privacy of that place really amazing (if you love nature n out from business of city life). Recommended book directly from that villa then go through agent or agoda or etc. Cheaper :)


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Lux on budget Bella vista villa special price on November $150USD/night!
Normal price $175USD

2 bedroom
Big pool n garden
200m from center of Seminyak/Oberoi (shopping center, sophisticated place)

PM for more info!