Anyone Went To Bangkok or Hong Kong To Custom Made Their Gown?


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HIhi, thinking of tailoring my FH suit in BKK. Any recommendations on where to go? We hope to get a gd tailor, maybe of SG's Raoul standard. Any advice is much appreciated!


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Hi Brides,

I am intending to make my gown in BKK, anyone made their gowns in bangkok before other than Bubblybride? Can advise on pricing, location and provide pics too, pls?

Bubblybrides: can send me the pics of your gown made in Vanda boutique

email to [email protected]

thanks alot peeps!!


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Hihi can go the golden complex near the prone Edward mRt station for WG n CS my hb got a tuxedo set at $300 plus n I got myself my brand new dream wg at$600 n it's consider exp becos I call the person to add on crystal sequin below the lower part of WG 2 days before my departure date... So the person need to ask ppl to OT to help me get it done. I m very please with the work!!!


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Hello.. not sure if this thread is still alive? I'm looking for a evening gown... Wonder anywhere i cant get in bangkok? Please advise!! AD on Sep 2014. TIA!