Anyone else learning driving?


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hello Andrea, im taking AUTO

any instructors to receommend?

i also experience the same scary experience while waitin for TP to pick me.

2nd time y i failed was, a BBDC student was blocking my lane ahead to do reverse parking..hence i cannot / dun dare to stop at the marking to ensure an accurate park..end up the car cannot go into the lot...actually if im confident enuff, the BBDC student's car would not have blocked me at all..

but im angry, coz the BBDC instructor actually asked the student to stay there and WATCH ME!!! they could have drove off!!!!


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pink cloud - The price is indeed steep... More like from the Driving Centre than Private Candidate...

U really got to find a new one le.. This instructor really sounds "bo chap"... Not necessary to have one that is near BBDC... Some private instructors don't mind travelling longer distance for business...

Andrea - pink cloud is taking Auto Car.... Now if U ask me drive Manual Car, I'll need some time to coordinate my legs again.. Hahahah.. Too long no drive manual car..


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pink cloud - Maybe U can try this:

Dun be angry with the student & instructor lah.. It's natural....

In real life & on the road, Don't ever or even think that other motorists will give way to U (most won't).. Build up your confidence level thru learning... And please don't behave like them when U get your License....

Side-Track abit.... I always wonder why "season" drivers enjoy "HORN" so much?? Didn't they once a P Driver too??? Simi Sai lah... Noise Pollution... =)


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just go to the palyground and drive bum bum car is just like a car nowdays. on brake or excelerate. turn left / right. no more gear.

if just driving like that you need these kind of resources. please tell me which district / city you will learn and i will make sure i will not be around. lol


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Iris: Heh... Most ppl do that.. Upon passing Manual, they'll choose to drive Auto. And this is almost an irreversible process. Nv ever back to Manual again!!

Pink Cloud: I would suggest after lunch. Esp when those working ppl have returned to their offices.


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hmmmmm.. actually, i would like to drive manual for my next car. feels more 'song' than auto, cos can really feel the gear shift and control of rpm.

and i don't horn or flash the triangle platers or test-takers... there's a reason for their motion. although i would feel slightly impatient on some occasions, but still, i would not resort to disturbing them for the fear of sudden unsteadiness :p


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i gave up the 11 plus slot on my 3rd attempt, coz dun dare to go take the test..sigh

i managed to book the test date liao..

it's on the same day my FTT expire!!!


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Well I still pro to manual. It's a skill to pick up. Auto provides the convinence I do not deny especially during jams and at multistorey. And I am not restricted to drive auto cars only. Who knows one day situation requires me to drive a mannual? If one day I lose my job, I can still drive a cab at the meantime too :D


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Hi all!

Just want to share the contacts of my Ubi private driving instructor in case any of you are looking for one in the East.

Cheng Seng Sir HP:9651 2345

Think he's really good in teaching as well as instilling confidence in me during my course of learning how to drive. I failed my 1st attempt under my 1st instructor and my colleague introduced me to Mr Cheng soon after. After 10 lessons w him, I passed.

Just wanted to share this so as to save others the hassle of finding a good instructor and also a potentially hefty sum of money. Some private instructors can be pretty dishonest (by bringing you to straight roads to drive, instead of focusing on test routes). Yeap Yeap! Hope this will help some of you! =)

Just want to highlight that I really regret reading this review recommending him. I was researching for a good instructor, and I saw his name and saw this above review so I went on to engage him. I went through almost 20 lessons with him and I failed twice!! Both times, the testers said that I don't seem to know my basics well!
Not just that, he only speaks mandarin, and worse is he slurs and is not able to pronounce his words properly. Makes it really hard for me to learn. Sadly I thought I could just stick to him believing that he is good only to have a nasty wake up call, twice.

He dozed off a few times while I'm driving, and eats while giving me lesson as well. Not professional at all and he's so rude! :/
On the day of test while we were having warmup, he just keep scolding me and degrade me, and I was so furious I was trembling with anger.
I only blame myself for being too nice.

Up for awareness! Do not waste your time and money like me. I feel like giving up on getting a license for the past few days. Will probably take a break and look for other instructors.