Any round face brides?


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hi sze sze... can you please share your experience with cangai....
i just went there yesterday and think their dress is nice and many selection...
thanks alot.


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Hi Sze Sze!

I've been to your blog, but didnt get to see your photos with BB! Maybe I dont know where to navigate to.
And I saw you ROM on 10.10.10 and AD to be on 23.02.12? Is it okay to have the customary more than one year away from ROM date?
My bf and I are planning for ROM in May 2012 and AD May 2013, but now we are contemplating pushing back the AD to May 2014 cos of house which will be ready in 3 or 4 yrs time (cant confirm) and only upside is being able to then save more. But we hear that it's not advisable to hold AD more than a year after ROM?

p.s. I enjoyed reading your blog! makes me so much more excited!