Any Good Driving Instructors to recommend?


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Hi Kenna,

I had a similar experience as you. I failed my first driving test in July this year and my next test date was 3 mths later. However, I did not give up and check the test slots almost everyday to see if anyone would give up their test slots and one lucky day I managed to get another test date which was just about 1.5 mths after my first test. So my advice to you is to keep accessing the school website and try to book an earlier date.


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I had my first private lesson with a private instructor today. But only to hear from him at the end of the lesson that he dun have time for me and push me to another pte instructor of which when i check through the tp website... there wasn't any name there.... felt so werid and dejected...
Felt like being pushed around...
I want to change driving instuctor... Anybody can recommend @ SSDC?

I dunno if i should continue to take that driving instructor that he pushes to me... Anyone can advse?

Hi angeline,

Mr Leong is teaching in SSDC / Ubi/ Bukit Batok?


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hi everyone,

I can recommend my instructor Mr Ng teaching at Ubi Driving Centre..,,

For those small in size, you can consider him if u want to get class 3 licenses.... Cause my height is 1.47m whereby a lot of ppl think i have to get class 3A and cant get class 3 licenses due to my height....

But i manage to pass 1st time and this also apply to my fren...

Here is his contact no:
Mr Ng 96828502
Said recommend by eileen


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hi all,
my dad is a pte driving instructor at bukit batok area.. My sis, bro and i all passsed the test 1st time. Most of my cousins and friends also passed the the first try or 2nd try.

If anyone wans to learn driving, can email me at [email protected] for more details. He can also recommend instructors who teaches auto or from other areas like ubi, or ssdc.....

if anyone has any questions regarding learning from pte instructor, i will try to answer... feel free to question...


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Hi, does anyone here have any reliable, gd and patient pte instructor to recommend? Preferred BBDC and i'm staying in bt merah area. Thks in advance!


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I don't find Albert is really that patient & encouraging instructor that ppl talking about him here. Just my personal view.

No confident with private instructor now

I always feel discouraging and pissed off every end of lesson. Considering to switch from manual to auto car.

Hope everyone could find a good and responsible instructor.


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Hi there.. My driving instructor is quite good and he makes you feel comfortable. I learnt Auto Car. He teaches in the east area. Mr Yap: 97471813


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ok from e link given

for SSDC auto pte instructors
1) Kok Chuan Hock (43.9%)
2) Liew Yew Seng (49.6%)
3) Tan Swee Khuang (46.7%)

can anyone tell me who's the best
& their rates too?
(assuming you've learnt from any of
them). i'm switching to auto
after 3 attempted manual failures.
pls help as i've trouble finding
auto instructor. thank u!!

PS: of course if got others also
can recommend.


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Hey, has anyone or is anyone taking lessons from Mr Tan Lai soon? So far he has the highest percentage for people taking and passing tests on the 1st attempt. I heard both good and not so good comments on him being too busy and all. I just want to hear some more other 1st hand comments from those who has been under him and then decide if he is the one i should choose as i am changing to another driving instructor as soon as possible. Don't want to waste my time and money on the previous instructor i had. Such a pain!

Thank you.


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Me too, having such a pain during my driving lesson with the previous instructor. Have decided to change instructor. Initially i thot pte instructor will be better as i can stick to him and he will know where is my weaknesses but i am wrong... Of course I don't mean all pte instructor r not good. Definitely there r good one out there. Maybe it depend on luck.

Have anyone of you consider to enrol to school?


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I disagree with pineappleab (pineappleab. In fact i created a new account just to share my view.

For Anyone looking for a private instructor, you MUST look for Mr SOH GUAN HONG ( 97382550 )

Ist reason: Check out this website:

Mr soh got the highest passing rate in singapore. His passing rate is even higher than any driving school.

2nd reason: He is the leader/head of the Singapore driving instructor association. This pretty much explain his calibre.

3rd reason: he is warm friendly and great at spotting mistake. He knows all the tester very well and knows what each of them is looking for.

Today i just passed my driving test. When i draw my tester, i call mr soh. He immediately tell me my instructor like ppl to drive fast. True enough, i got 12 points deducted related to driving slow.

4th reason: pineappleab is right is saying that he asssigned other instructor to teach you. I don noe about mr poh. Mine is under Mr chua. All of them are under Mr Soh. They have a small network under them. But in your last few week before testing, Mr soh will personally teach you. All the basic skill will be taught by his surbodinate.

I recommed MR Chua to you. U may want to tell mr soh when u call him.

5th reason: One of the most important reason for me. MR SOh is able to bring forward the test date for you. If i have to apply online through the different sch, i will have to wait for at least 2 1/2 more months.

Actually like many of the people here, i have changed instructor before. when i learnt from my first instructor, because he really demoralised me. But MR soh and his instructor is really different. Trust me.


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Hi Nazerah - dunno if this is too late, but I'm a student of Mr Tan. He's quite nice lah, but I can't hear his speech sometimes. Like a bit soft and slurring.

Yes, he's super busy and sometimes when he's busy, he will get someone else to teach you.


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Yep, I booked a lesson with Mr Tan (SSDC) but he got someone else to teach me as well. But that someone else also not bad la, quite patient and never say anything when I gan chiong and almost break the steering wheel when U-turning (LOL)... just that he talk abit soft. :p Think he is CDC instructor. I don't mind continuing my lessons with him though.
Hi. I just got my Class 3A licence.
I will highly recommend my pte instructor Mr Peck Chin Huat Tel: 97 30 40 50. I only have 17 lessons with him and I passed with flying colours on my first attempt!
Mr Peck is highly experienced and competent in teaching the correct methods and techniques in driving. This has in turn helped me in saving money and time.
One thing that I will like to commend him is he is able to get the fastest test date for you. Unlike the usual 2 or 3 months wait.
He is unlike other instructors who will want you to take extra lessons to earn more $$$ from you. The moment he feels that you are stable and steady, he will ask you to take the TP test.
Please check out his website:
Trust me , he is definitely the instructor you are looking for if you seriously want to get your Class 3A licence soonest possible.
One more thing to add on about learning from Mr Peck is you really SAVED $$$ and time. I paid less than $1000 to get my licence :) and that is inclusive of the circuit charges. Wow, isn't that money well-spent?!!


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Anyone knows of a good instructor at BBDC?

I am unhappy with my current instructor. He doesn't care about his students.

I told him i want weekdays evening slot and he says it's very difficult and will call me back to re-arrange. And every saturday, his only slot is at 3pm which i find it an awkward time. After 2+ weeks I haven't heard from him.

During lessons, he hardly ever comments on anything! I just drive and unless i almost bang into something, he will just say a passing comment. During parking, he will just get out of the car and chat with his friends, leaving me to just park myself. i don't even know if im doing it right. If im doing anything wrong, im just repeating my wrong moves.

When I ask him questions, he gives vague answers. (i.e. when do i change gear from 2nd to 3rd/ 3rd to 4th, his answer was something very vague which i can't even remember!!)

My past instructor (from ubi) was someone with passion in his job. Making sure and wanting all his students to pass. If i MIA for 2 weeks, he will start bombarding my phone. That is the kind of instructor i want.

Anyone have such an instructor?


My 2nd instructor was exactly wat u describe as having passion in his job and making sure and wanting all his students pass at 1st time
He's really gd, though at times he nag nag nag, but overall, i know that it's all for my own gd. And unlike my stupid 1st instructor who tried to eat my $ and scold me, make me demoralised aft every lesson... so angry wiht tat one..

He's Mr Tan Hock Beng, previously was from CDC and just came out to teach pte last year... that's why u see from the website he has less students who took test. But none the less, his passing rate is 6 out of 8. I'm really proud of him :p

If anyone interested, can email me at [email protected]


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Hi everyone..
I have a problem to share..
I have already booked my TP date which is on Aug 18,
however i would like to change my instructor but keep my TP date as it is.. will i be able to do that?
Also, any really good and nice driving instructor from Ubi but teaches at Amk? I'm taking Manual.
Help me pls...


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Hi Nina,

I think you need to continue with your current instructor since you want to keep the TP test date because you need his car for the test. Unless you are able to find another instructor before your TP test.

Why don't you find a instructor around AMK area as there is also a driving centre there?


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Hello! Does anybody know of a good private driving instructor (AUTO) in bukit batok? I just decided to switch to auto and now I’m pretty desperate cos i realised tt there seem to be hardly any auto instructors around in the west..

Alternatively has anyone learnt under Mr Tan Ser Chwee before? His passing rate is about 34%, and based on what he told me over the phone his rates are below market rates; he charges $30 enrolment and $28/hr.. no peak rates..

How about Mr Lim Boon Seng? I've heard both good and bad abt him......

Hope someone can help; thanks so much!


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i am looking for a private auto driving instructor in the east..i stays pasir ris.

any recommendation?

must be patient and good hor..cos i abit slow leh..hehe=p


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Does anyone know if the circuits in all driving school centres are the same? (eg. S-course,crankcourse, etc?)

Cos my cousin is experiencing difficulties passing her practical after 3 attempts all thanks to the S-course in the circuit.

Can anyone pls kindly advise?



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Hi All,

I would like to recommend my manual car private instructor Mr Michael Yeo. He is a very patient and responsible instructor who keeps to his time. His charges are very reasonable too. He did not increase the fees despite the higher fuel charges over past few months. He did not cancel any of my lessons and I try not to change any of his lessons too.

I went to the test centre in Ubi. But he also accepts students around Jurong East/ Clementi.We only go to Ubi nearer the exam date and it has not caused much problems to me.

I think he is teaching refresher course as well. You may confirm with him.

Not sure if he also accepts students at Ang Mo Kio. Please feel free to call him or maybe book 1-2 lessons to see if his style is fine with you.

His number is: 9656 6252



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I oso need a private driving instructor for auto from SSDC urgently. If possible, drop off point in Yishun. Let me noe if you have anyone to recommend. Thanks


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Hi EdNix, I would recommend my instructor, Vincent Goh to you. His hp no 96473600. He is very good and patient. I passed the very first time when I changed from my first instructor, Johnson Ong to him. Cheers=)


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is vinvent goh teaching auto? does anyone has good contact to share from bukit batok? thanks alot!
thinking of switching to auto. if you have manual contact is fine too.

really angry with my current manual instructor, i have learn 25 lessons and he has yet to say will book test date for me. i didnt even go circuit yet.


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For those that are keen to learn manual, can consider mine! Mr Ho is a great teacher! Learning under him has made my lessons very enjoyable becuz he is a humourous person who is also a responsible instructor and keeps to his time. He teaches in both north and ubi sides. 2 thumbs up for him!


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Hi Angeline...
Any news on your situation..I am actually currently learning from him...had my first lesson a few days back...for me..he didnt really comment much and I took that as him being patient? But I was also making U-turns during my first just wondering if you continued and if you did...was there any improvements?


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Hi Chael,

I have stopped learning from him after 2nd lesson. And finally managed to get my full refund for 3rd lesson which was booked in advance. (initially he only agreed to refund me half the amt paid, when i have given him 5 days advance notice. Thus I have seek advice from a traffic police and small claim tribunal in case he do not want to give me full refund. Somehow on the day when i went to collect my $, he explained it was a misunderstanding, and he can give me a full refund provided i cancel my TP)I received a call and sms from him yesterday early morning requesting me to remove my earlier posting. Since he had refunded my fee, i do not wish to pursue further. But i cant remove my earlier posting. I have already sent my request to the moderator of Singaporebrides to remove, but no reply/action from them. Any advice how I can remove?

Anyway good for you if you feel comfortable with him. Its just different experience from individuals.


can recommend good private instructor at ssdc for auto car? Pls help.
Best can provide me their rates and contact num
thanks alot


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i need a contact for private instructor who can teach manual and is located in amk/yck.

Please let me know the rates and reviews

Thank you in advance!


Hi gal,

my private instructor was quite good though. He taught my aunt me, my bf and my cousin currently learning from him. He's at the ubi driving center de. interested can pm me for his details =)


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Hi. I'm looking for a private instructor for manual car. AMK area would be nice. Got anyone to intro?


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kitty fan,

I just passed class 3A. PM me if you wan my instructor contact. He is talkative but good uncle. SSDC will have 2 instructor for auto. The second one is Mr Liew. He is opp of my 1st one. quiet and reserved,


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Hi, is this thread still active?

Im looking for a private instructor for auto car who teaches for AMK SSDC. Anyone can intro? Thanks!