Any Good Driving Instructor - For refreshing course


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Last time, my instructor gave me a step-by-step picture guide with instruction on it for parallel very useful. However I lost it. Anybody care to share (photocopy a copy for me) with me if you happen to have it? I'll pay u for the postage & photocopying charges. Pls PM Me.
BTW, my instructor is daniel ng. Dunno if it is the same person as Mr. Ng??

Thanks much.


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hi gals, u can try mr ho(middle age, curly hair), chinese speaking, honda(4 yrs ago), he is quite funny guy, always joke ard.. no tension btwn student and inst..

i passed my driving one time under him, used to hve different inst but i feel tht young ones dont knw how to teach one.. he teaches manual last time w me, i dont knw if he teached auto now la, u may call him to chk.. ard ubi and toa payoh area, punggol or hougang area..

mr ho @ 94554454


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Jackie Tay,

Is Mr Tay good and patient?
Do he charge expensive?

anyone know any good instructor who teach auto at west area?


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Hi Jackie Tay,
I have called Tay recently, but he does not provide fetchin n sendin services..
find e charges x as well.. wonder wat is e market rate? he charge $50 for 90min..


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I don't find Albert is really that patient & encouraging instructor that ppl talking about him here. Just my personal view.

No confident with private instructor now

I always feel discouraging and pissed off every end of lesson.
Considering to switch from manual to auto car.. also to switch instructor too.

Hope everyone could find a good and responsible instructor.


Hi Poket,

My instructor is fr Ubi, he was previously a sch instructor and came out to teach pte last year. Previously i was with another lousy instructor until i found him. He's really gd

If you're interested let me know, can email me at [email protected]


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Hello! Does anybody know of a good private driving instructor (AUTO) in bukit batok? I just decided to switch to auto and now I’m pretty desperate cos i realised tt there seem to be hardly any auto instructors around in the west..

Alternatively has anyone learnt under Mr Tan Ser Chwee before? His passing rate is about 34%, and based on what he told me over the phone his rates are below market rates; he charges $30 enrolment and $28/hr.. no peak rates..

How about Mr Lim Boon Seng? I've heard both good and bad abt him......

Hope someone can help; thanks so much!


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Hi Eng and Sweets(sharona), I can recommend a very good driving instructor to you. He is Vicnent Goh, my driving instructor. I passed the very first time under him. His hp no is 9647 3600. Rember to call him to book an appt with him. Cheers...=)


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I would recommend my instructor Michael (manual @ ubi) .
I learn from him for 6months and passed in 1st attempt yippee...

His number is 97905117 he is very patient and nice...
I would recommend anyone of you to pass ur advance then start learn ur driving.. Otherwise is very wasted of $$...


nope not true... i go for prac and advance together and time it in such a way that once 1 passed the advance, i go for test within the month. Well i also got through... it will be difficult to explain what is half clutch to someone who does not have a feel of what is it...


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Hi All,

I managed to pass my TP after changing my pte instructor to Mr. Lim Boon Seng. I highly recommended him for those interested in pte learning. No regrets.

I have to thank Mr. Lim Boon Seng for all his advice and coaching. He really give you any advice, from big to small and correct every single mistake you make. Most importantly he gives you encouragement, unlike my previous instructors only knows how to scold.

Even if you make mistake, Mr. Lim Boon Seng will not shout at you but talk to you nicely and tell you where's your mistake. And guide you through your mistake. He also good at spotting your weakness and strength and guide you through too. Although he is a super busy man, but he will arrange as many lessons for you at your request. And what I like is he allow advance booking, I made so many booking with him at a go and cancellation at no cost. Unlike my previous instructor, both do not allow me make advance booking and if I cancel I still have to pay full amount, which they will get another student to replace you, so they get double.

Mr. Lim Boon Seng was recommended to me by my friend, and they all passed in 1st attempt under him.

F.Y.I., Do you know that Mr. Lim Boon Seng is the biggest pte instructors in Bukit Gombak with many instructors under him willingly. He have many plans in minds to help those pte learner cos it's hard for pte learner to go into school circuit and etc. From here you can see how much effort he have put in for pte learner.

Fot those who wants to pass well and easy, look for Mr. Lim Boon Seng, 9383 5050. No regrets ensured.


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hi, i am looking for refresher instructor who is in west (jurong/boon lay / buikit batok.
pls PM me.
many thanks.


Hi, I have the same problem with you. My current instructor also kept scolding whenever you made mistake. No patient at all!

Can anyone recomend me a gd instrctor in the west teaching auto and manual. I'm still considering whetehr to switch to auot or back to manual again.


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You may try contact Mr Ang at 96164152.

He teaches refresher course for both manual and auto around west area. i know he also has students in the north east area.


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Oh no, I have tried Mr. Lim Boon Seng. He is super not Pro. I learnt 1st & 2nd lesson from an uncle at his 70s, cant see well and put in at one far corner of Choa Chu Kang rounding a small road ans ask me to imagine the dustbin as the traffic lights. and tell me he actually a retiree and just helping a friend. I changed my time slot to engage another instructor, also at his late 60s but fir and pro. After another 6lessons already chatting more than learning. I told Mr Lim I had booked my test date, then he arranged 3 lessons to teach me but using a much smaller and total different model vehicle. Brought me to open heavy vehicle carpark and ask me to imagine the school circuit which showed looking from a far distance. During the lesson, he is busy in taking down the bookings and answering calls. I only remembered he will kept reminding me not to step too hard, keep a much much further distant away from the front vehicle (though my previous instructor said a moderate distant will be just right), close the door lightly.
He only manage to booked 2 lessons for me to practise inside the school circuit. One is day and the other is night. I m ok on the trial test but failed in the actual as I got too nervous that I forgot all the rulings.
So pissed off and yet Mr Lim yell across the road asking why am I driving so crazily. And asking me to booked for next test date. As I m not confidence and felt should have more practise inside the school circuit. He kept offer that he can help me to book the circuit on the spot. What a non-pro and only thinks about $$. As I know they will earn by booking the school circuit every each time. I change to learn from BBDC and passed on my 3rd attempts. In comparison, school teaches more with clearer explanation. I am those kan cheong type when the instructor changes their tone. If you don't like the instructor can change anytime in the school. Which I realize I learnt many different tips from different instructors. Well, this is my bad experience with Mr Lim. I hope I am the exceptional one.


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I also went to BBDC. As a review,

1) i can understand why they say school passing rates are higher. Partly because they have a systematic set of stages that you need to pass before u are allowed to go for the test. Like I had to repeat my parallel parking lesson twice cos I couldnt get it right at first.

2) But the bad thing is all your parking are all taught in the circuit and you remember which marking to look out for. but in the outside world, there is no marking. so until now im not confident to park outside

3) BBDC is known for its high passing rates compared to other schools. I think its because of the location. its alot less crowded with bulky vehicles blocking ur view like in Ubi.

4) It's better to fix your instructor group. But you need not fix your instructor. Driving instructors have teams and their bonus and pay is based on the team's KPI. so if you are under their group, they pay more attention to teach you. Otherwise, if you're a free ranger with no fixed instructor group, they just let the lesson pass by without putting in much effort to teach you. I got a very good team in BBDC. most of them are patient and nice to learn from. PM me if you want to know the details.

5) Every instructor teach you different things. What Instructor A says is wrong can be what Instructor B says is correct (Yes seriously!). But just go by your own gut feel andknow what they are judging you against in the real test. Otherwise u will be very confused.


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Hi, I have a total of 3 Driving instructor and finally I found a patient instructor. He is a god send and he does not show attitude and good pride in his teaching. He teaches auto car and pick up at Ubi. He teaches refresher course too. His number is 97471813 Mr Yap.


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My auntie had not driving for 10 years, take up refesher course and manage to drive on her own after 3 lessons highly recommended Mr Dennis, a driving refesher course specialist. He included free defensive driving course. He is the appointed instructor by Volkswagen for their refresher course in Singapore. Pls note Mr Dennis only focusing on teaching refresher course on auto car only. You may check out with him directly@83330449