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Alisha & Lace

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'Alisha & Lace top-notch hand sewn super long soft cape'
Not only soft tulle long train gown,
To walk on aisle for grand finale
Your Majesty! Secret to be [Queen] in seconds !
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Wedding Gowns|Alisha & Lace Singapore

21 AUG ~ 30 SEP 2018
Alisha & Lace|Anniversary Promotion
【$1000 Cash Rebate】

Alisha & Lace

Bridal Boutique

❛ How to simplify wedding planning? ❜
What about a sketchy Korean style pre-wedding shoot?
◤Alisha & Lace - One Stop for All ◢
Customised, gowns & suits rental to Photography services.

Alisha & Lace

Bridal Boutique

Alisha & Lace is the best of show the feminine feel.
Do you want to find out if this type of wedding gown
would suit your body shape?
Let's find your perfect gown.
Our friendly personalized consultants are honor to assist make your dream come true.
we aim to make sure that your stay with us is always a pleasure and always suits your budget.
We have different packages to fill each of your need.
Welcome you all reservation appreciation with us.

Alisha & Lace

Bridal Boutique

❤️European Classical Romantic Princess❤️
Like its name, a princess meticulously
dressing up

Numerous layered tulle gown annotates fantasy.
In long train layers create gushing waves alike gives
a natural & casual feel
Astounding that matches such an idle tone.

Alisha & Lace

Bridal Boutique

《Bring out the Queen in You》
Chiffon long sleeves with cape like an angel's wings,
Luxuriant when moves

Alisha & Lace

Bridal Boutique

✨Alisha & Lace|To create your elegant French style
Hush! A princess's secret :
✅Now open to public to warm up the winter
Goddess new design
✅Classic romantic hand-made Princess style
lace ballgown
✅Off shoulder style not only can trim arm

Alisha & Lace

Bridal Boutique

Organza nude long sleeves lace matches with butterfly knot tied around neck gives a laid back feel merges Bohemia style,

Alisha & Lace

Bridal Boutique

✦ Sophisticated retro baroque magnificent gown ✦
[MARCO & MARIA high quality custom made series]
Translucent rose gauze penetrates skin can be compared to steadiness & profound calico,
Aesthetics drooping shoulder
exhibits nature collarbone,
Gorgeous & glorious 17th century baroque style,
Each needle & thread carefully string up luxurious silvery white vane, radiates like the Milky way fluctuates as chiffon lightly sway, an amazingly romantanic skirt,
Suitable for brides who like sweetness
yet possess personality.

Alisha & Lace

Bridal Boutique

Sexy ambiguous view of figure from behind
Presents romance when falls in love

Alisha & Lace

Bridal Boutique

02 Dec 2018 Alsiha & Lace's Open Day!
All that you need to prepare wedding is right here!