Aerobics/gym workouts


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Hi everyone, I have not gone through any aerobics before. Can someone tell me is it very tough and will it lose weight eventually? I have flabby arms and I need to tone up. Can someone help me? Btw, I lived at Hougang. Any area at HG or near holds aerobics? Tks....


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Hi Jeane

You can go for those light impact aerobics first or just go for those body toning ones. I only know of Amore but dun think it's near to HG. They have a few branches islandwide so you can call up one of the branch to ask.


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hi jeane

there is a community sports hall of sorts in hougang that organises such aerobics classes in the evening. it is near the hougang swimming pool.


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I do an aerobics HI-LOW class with 4 other girlfriends with this female instructor who comes by my place. Its mre support for us ladies
being together and other than losing some weight I thoroughly enjoy my sessions
Good female lady instructoress are so hard to come by ...


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hi diamante,
Actually I like aerobics too but have no friends to accompany me... So sad!! Can join u all and maybe can teach me how to slim down too?


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hi gals,
seems like all of u r v interested in aerobics!
keen to join in the aerobics challenge organised by SSC on 22 may at take civic plaza?
last year, they collaberated with amore for this event too.
for more info, can go to
or call ssc hotline - 1800 348 4222


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I see that alot of people are interested in sliming down for their wedding. I have a set of products that will help you slim down in weeks. Money back garantee. Interested?


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actually got contact for private aerobics instructor. caters to class of 3-5. she is not bad. american trained and charges quite reasonable rates lor. signed up for 3 mths with her (she does min 2 mths packages) with another 2 of my friends. if you keen i can pm you details


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U can try call Jenni fm 97694721, she has a newly set up fitness centre, and their charges are v reasonable & even u join her classes her class is nt as big as those outside classes
& she's a nice lady nt those pushy type


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i been joining a dance school called dino dance school. been joining them for about 2 years ?!
i can say that if i go regularly , like twice a week, will get to see effect ( ur body feel toned after 4 session) maybe due to the intensive training that my favourite instructor given.
i find this dance school having reasonable price too.


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i've been a regular at Aerobics for the past 3 years! Fees are less than $60 for 12 lessons!really reasonable in the market!i've got a super good instructor!its a group of course!i gaurantee u got hooked to it!WORTH TRYING esp those in the EAST area!anyone keen can get in touch with me via email or hP:9180 8959 i'll be glad for you to join me!


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Hi all,

I like aerobics as well...been joining on and off for the past 1yr at CCs...but somehow, dun have much determination. Cos the CC courses start at 7.30-8.30pm...normally i reached home abt 6,laze ard til 7pm before i walk to the sometimes too lazy to go and end up only attending a few lessons rather than 12 lesons...anyone can help?Will going to Amore helps?


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hi all..

i would like to knw more abt the packages tat Amore is having.. can any1 help..

n i tried looking at SSC webby.. but cannot find any sports tat allow mi to look at the details.. any 1 can help mi??



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Pilates is more for having a good form and posture while poweryoga is a form of yoga that really makes you sweat. Pilates also helps to give you real nice abs (but after at least half a year and some dieting). There is no single exercise that do everything. If you wanna lose weight, should do both aerobics (such as jogging) and weight trainings. Weight trainings help to build lean muscles and lean muscles burn more fat even when you are resting as having more muscles will lead to a higher metabolism rate.


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Anyone know affordable unlimited package at east side? I would like to join aerobics, KB, yoga, etc..and my budget is around 50- 60/month..
anyone can recommend me? No need to be a famous studio like amore, cc, etc..but the important is i want to work out..


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Hai Gabrielle...

SSC only go by course and i think is expensive. 1 Course is $60, so if i want to take yoga and aerobics it means i must come out with $120. I'm looking for unlimited work out and my budget is around $60/month for that unlimited.Anyway thks for your suggestion


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Yes, Daphne...i must join something like amore, california fitness or etc. CF is ok but the problem is far since i live in east. Amore is too expensive coz it is around $100 per month for unlimited work out. So, maybe anybody know any club in east around $60 per month for unlimited workout?


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I have a silver membership from California Fitness for transfer. You pay $58 per mth for 4 days a week usuage. I find that the location is not very ideal for me after I have signed up. Pls leave a msg here if you are interested and I will get back to you.


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Anyone holds a California Fitness membership? Looking for friends to go together... As it's boring to go alone...


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Hi Fiona,

I'm a cali member, but my frenz all quitted cali. We can go together if u keen... i go for step classes mainly.


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Hi Smart Solutino

there is this pl called flashfitness at marineparade. if u stay in the east, u wld have gotten the towncouncil contact east magazine. they advertised on the back page. $58 per mth (min 2 years subscription). i called them.. it is only valid for evening and weekend classes


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Hi Yap, its either Planet Fitness or Fitness First. Which one are you referring to? Hehe! I'm member of Planet Fitness.


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hi Mage,
what is package at Planet Fitness? Does it indluded any Kickboxing yoga classes? Or is is just pure gym?


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Hi honesty...

me oso in fitness first.. i'm usually at capital tower.. u? i workout more at the gym..trying to tone up after giving birth..


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anyone out there who is interested to go workout with me? coz boring to go alone???any reasonable fitness centre can recommend??