A sad daddy


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Yes..we are actually both doing pretty decent individually..
Sometimes when two person see each other everyday, doing the same thing everyday, its easy to take each other and everything they have built up for granted. Stable and safe environment may be interpreted as boring and mundane life.

Maybe you try to arrange some things to entertain or cheer her up? Like flowers or a surprise oversea trip or romantic dinner (depends on what she likes). Let her know that your love for her is still as strong and its not easy to have a family w good finances and two healthy children, you did your part as a husband, ask her whether theres anything else you can do to make her feel better? Not sure whether she has met someone ourside or shes just being emo but maybe you need to find out.


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Don't be weak and appear needy.

Ask her out on dates because all the boring daily routines can be pretty bad for marriage. Leave the children somewhere with relatives and go have some fun. Try something both of you haven't tried before, just for fun.

Have more confidence in yourself. Some women want a man who other women want too. Don't know why but it seems to be the case.


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Reading all this and reflecting.

I dont know why couples especially girls today think words like "commitment", "loyalty" are almost dirty words.

I always remember when my then gf now wife told me to please dont q her commitment to me while we were having a small argument early on in our relationship.

For me I find loyalty and faithfulness very very attractive, but I might be an outlier I guess.