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Hi ,
Anyone ordering more wines for the banquet and where are u all getting it from? Any good deals?

We order extra moscatos for our wine! Got it at a discounted price from the moscato lady from fairprice! She can arrange delivery to the hotel too!

Let me know if u want her contact! :)

Eurolink at Toa Payoh. :) consignment wines. I got mine from there and those that I could not finish, I returned. There is no minimum amount to utilize, so it's great.
The wine was really nice. It was similar to the wine that my hotel provided. I wanted that, but apparently it's a special one exclusive to the hotel only. So got some Jacob's Creek, similar to the Woolshed. Thumbs up!
Hi, Thanks a lot... Will u be able to let me know the rough price of the wine u ordered for urs?
Hi, Thanks a lot... Will u be able to let me know the rough price of the wine u ordered for urs?

$23 per bottle for mine. I got 2 cartons, so that's 24 bottles. There's cheaper ones if you want.. You can also buy a bottle to try.
What we did was to get a bottle, then we brought to the hotel during the food tasting to try out.


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Hey BTB, I just signed my wedding package with 520 Library yesterday!

My friend used them and said that the service was good and the pictures I saw were very nice! So I arranged am appt with them.

They were very friendly and did not even try to hardsell us anything.

They were also very accommodating to our request to try on gowns (other studio only let me try 2 gown, 520 library took out 6 gowns for me without me asking and it's very rare cos I'm a UK18!) They also allowed us to visit their photo studio and their prices are super duper reasonable!

End of the day I signed up for :
-pre wedding photography,
-actual day photography (5 hours)
-actual day gowns

and I save more than $2k+ if I compare to the shops at tanjong pagar... Will updated here when I take my photos etc

Now I need to find a venue!

Hello! You look good in the gown. I'm now looking around for BS packages. Can email me your package? [email protected] thank you very much!


Hi Perlin, may i know who u engage? So I can take note as well. Thank you.;)

Hi Sorry for the late reply. It was Shili & Adi.. Guess wat base on their FB they did perform on someone's wedding on my wedding day! Totally ridiculous. I commented at Adi fb but got block by these 2 irresponsible person without any explanation. If you need proof let me knw I can send u the screenshot I took when I posted in their FB.