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Hi All BTBs, just ended my wedding. To share my experience with Zwedding was a mixed feeling. Definitely Grace Liew my consultant made my experience with Zwedding nothing at all pleasant and a total nightmare if I were to say. I will never forget how blatantly rude she was and her aftermath attitude. And to think that she was one of the senior consultant. However, not to fault the rest, I have to say the rest of the team who helped me along the way was brilliant and that made my remaindering journey with them a breeze! Hope no brides to have to go through the same horrible experience as me.

Mind sharing more details?


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Mind sharing more details?

Selection of gowns wasn't exactly a smooth journey for me. To cut the story short, the night gown which I have chosen was actually taken by another bride to be (ironically her customer as well) who happens to be getting married on the same day as me. Was only informed at the very last hour and had to pick another gown when my photoshoot was going to happen soon and to make matters worst was that I was going away on a business trip. To begin with I didn't had much expectations and honestly is either you like it or you hate it. I dont think that i was a mean nor nasty customer either.

Right to the point when my makeup artist was not available for a trial makeup, I didn't even kicked up a fuss as i believe i should be in good hands. All I can say that as a consultant, she have failed me terribly.

Perhaps she wasn't in the best of mood or she couldn't wait for me to get it done and over with after all that I have tired but is not as if I am enjoying the selection process as well. As I was panicking to settle for a gown before I leave town thats when things started going downhill. Her exact words are still ringing in my mind. She said - There's no such thing as a perfect gown, if i am so fussy i should get it customised and even if i get it customised it will never be perfect as well! And customising a gown is very expensive! Adding to my misery, she added on by saying even if I have picked a gown, I will still not be happy and that to trust her words that I will still change my gown. I will never find a perfect gown. Gowns are all the same and for night gowns there are only these few colors. It felt like a total smack on my face. Coming from a senior consultant when Zwedding always emphasis that there will be always a gown to suit everyone but I dont think their staff preach this at all.

Needless to say, I requested for a change in consultant as it was so bad that even the thought of stepping into the shop just became tramatizing.

The whole episode left me extremely upset and I kept wondering what I did wrong. Lucky I had a change in consultant and she's honestly a god send! She was totally different from Grace. She helped us in many ways that even Grace did not which we were shocked at the difference between the service rendered. Perhaps, she might have been complacent after being in this industry for so long.

I think the very last thing that a consultant should do is to upset a bride to be. I hope nobody will experience the same as me and chose your consultant wisely. Not to fault the entire team, to be very honest, the rest of the staffs were extremely helpful and I am extremely grateful to them.