(2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

Hallo everyone,
i'm Chinese wif a malay muslim Fiance . Need lotsa advice for planning of preparations for a Mixed-culture weddings. Anyone in similar cases like me? Pls advise!

my AD will b this coming sept 2014.................
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Collecting of Nikah Baju by end of feb
Confirmation of rings by March
Need to finalized Reception clothes by April…
Book ROMM date ON 9 April
ROMM interview after confirmation of booking
Pay another downpayent for the deco team
My void deck booking is due in May.
Berkat have to be ordered by June
Bridal shoes to b bought in June
My pre-wedding shoot is roughly in June
I need to start re-designing my room!!! (PAINT AND FURNITURE!)
Invitation cards printing in June.
Mailing out of Cards by July
DIY projects to b completed in June.
Tea ceremony preps with my maternal side By july/aug?
Still need to plan a meeting with the people involved!

any more things i need to note?


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Elas Dress is very bad. I ordered a veil from her and it was late. Multiple phone calls and SMSes were left unanswered. When it finally arrived 1 month late, the edges were jagged and there was a huge, uneven seam right down the middle of the veil. She was supposed to get it replaced within 3 weeks, but 1.5months later, still no news. Once again, throughout this time, no response to SMSes or calls; she basically disappeared and I had to call her assistant. When I finally managed to get in touch (4 whole months after my initial order), she told me she'll refund the veil. That's not the point, because as a bride, you just want to have everything in place. All in all, my veil never got delivered.