(2008) Brides of year 2008


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jojo...u hire another PG for your photoshoot.Wow..Not a bad idea..still can get back all pics...

WHere did u rent the gowns from?? Is it expensive? U have to hire another MUA as well yah?


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Hi ladies, Do you have any MUA to recommend coz I am looking for one to help my mil?

My MUA got another person to attend after mine so cannot help my mil to make up and do hairstyle.


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hey rachel!
i can sense ur excitement liao..i feel happy and excited for you!!..hee..don stress urself and be a happy bride!
Oh yah, u can also call up parents to chat eveyday and visit them during weekends


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nelle, glad to hear that you have recovered. Your EG is simply gorgeous! The colour, the cutting, and most importantly the slim figure of your made the whole thing looked so perfect. Hmmm, just let the paddings do their job. I also face the same problem, even though I am not as slim as you...

LSnTYL, healthy look is still a prettier look. I am sure with determination, you can slim down by other means.

providencia, you take care too. Be in your top form for your holiday cum PS.


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nelle, really gorgeous gown with shiny beads and reveals ur slim figure.

providencia, you take care so when u going for ur PS?

LSnTYL, where got ppl like to fall sick? Fall sick can slim down meh?


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lucky for me, we are staying pretty near and my inlaws doesnt cook everyday. I can pop home to take dinner and go back again

Have you all decide with your MUA on the MU timing? Mine juz contacted me and she's coming over at 6.00am


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lsnt :waa the roastpig look nice , make me hungry ,

Spoiltbabe ; so good I sometime still need to cook and wash clothes , have to busy until 9.00pm + then can rest haiz .

in office like work slave , at own home like maid . Have own hse also hv disadantage , I miss the time when i live in my mum hse heehee reach hm eat and bath and can sit there play game or use internet until sleep .

Use to homesick , now something will also . My mum also miss me so I often go back 1- 3 time.


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fionachua>got. the last time I fell sick, lost a few kgs cos couldn't get anything at all.

nelle, marypoppins> thanks gals. Know shouldn't want to fall sick and its not healthy lah. FH always scold me when I say that I wanna fall sick so can drop the kilos. Well, got only 32 days left. Must eat less and exercise more! :p


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<font color="ff0000">updates on the Rates:</font>

EURO - 2.0890
USD - 1.4160

<font color="aa00aa">hmm..seems like EURO dropping....Net, hang on...mine USD still.....haiz...once hit 1.3X i will Change... </font>


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msbean>was reading ur batam trip report. wah, sounds really fun n relaxing. next sept brides outing should b a 2D1N trip to Batam! :p


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rach> hi..and thanks! ya me call Rachel too.. hehe.. sorry.. not following this thread.. so when's ur AD? were u the one who sent the email to me? million thanks! =)

anyone can tell me if married guys can be xiong-di? thanks thanks!!!


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thanks for e pig link...

waxie... e pig cake is realli funny... reminds mi of those small pigs we eat during mid autumn festival... hehe...


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<font color="aa00aa">hmmm....i think Doesnt really matter if ur JIEMEIs or XIONGDis is married or nt...help out lo...</font>

<font color="0000ff">Haa...btw one of my JIEMEIs there's a GUY as "JIEMEI", he's straight but he juz wanna helpout....Since here my side gt vacancy, add him lo...he n Another guy,my Man's great pals...they volunteer to Help on AD....my man n i already have 6 XD n 6 JM....thus...after much consideration, we have each comes to each side to balance out...i m gettin the special one a wrist corsage also...nt w red roses but a Teddy bear..maybe w a SUNFLOWER... =)</font>

<font color="ff0000">they were custom-made in Tebrau City (JUSCO) malaysia...my JM's corsages costs ToTAL for 6 abt 80RM Only!!! thus each abt RM 13.40 =SGD $6 ONLY!! Superb Cheap and Nice !! =) the contact i need to get from my hubby as the stuff are all at his place....the special Bear corsage (RM20= SgD$9) will be ready next next week - 30th AUG....stay tuned for the Pix!! haaaa</font>


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My hubby also have 1 XD who is married. I have 2 married jie mei too... To me i think it doesn't really matter. As all i want is for my close frds to join in the fun and share my joy...


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Jane, skinny is good la.. But i think im too skinny.. Erm.. Anyway, u gals shall see for me ba.. By this weekend, u gals should be able to see my photos le.. Hehe.. Must give me comments ok?

Pinky81, wah.. u also top up so many pics? Hehe.. U upload to Multiply alrdy? I will go and see later!

Lay C, sorry to hear about ur mum. Ya, u can go to those chinatown shops and they'll b more than willing to help u.

Tan Lee, how come ur outdoor photoshoot only 2 hrs? Isit enough? I had 1 WG and 1 EG for outdoor, i started shooting at about 4pm and it only ended ard 7.30pm.

Blooms, saw ur invite! Thanks for adding me!


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Mary, too little time and too many flabby areas to shed, I'll just do what I can, not expecting a miracle..
Oh btw, I took out my braces (permanently) last week.

Fiona, will be leaving end of Aug, PS is on 4-5th Sept.

LSnTYL, I'll also scold you too if I'm your FH..
.. eat less and excerise more will help, have heavy breakfast and heavy lunch and then skip dinner if you can.


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my MUA say will contact me to firm up timings one week before only. kinda like so late!

my banquet start at 8pm, cocktail supposingly at 7or 730pm... so i must make up what time? 6pm?

for AD, when I arrive at his hme, is there a boy supposed to open my car door? also may i ask, is photographer sitting in bridal car or xiong di car? my xiong di like got 4-5 persons, my jiemei also 4-5, so no lagi no place for photographer...


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Kristine - kristine goh
jazzy_chimes - jazzywindchimes

I tired to invite you to my multiply but the id wasnt valid.

jo_vin: I am not too sure if it is known as topping up as I can put as many pictures I want in the album within that 22 pages. However, I would want my album design to be as uncluttered and simple as possible. I might need to increase the number of pages to space the pictures or to decrease the number. Actually, I am beginning to realise that less is more. =P

Tan Lee: After reading jo_vin's post, I realised that you only have 2 hours of shoot. Does it include travelling time? I find it's a little short.

Pearlyn Low: I have added you already!


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one of my jiemeis is married too. I don't see anything wrong with that.

fanny>I think the PG sits in bridal car. So can take photos mah


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providencia>hee, that's what I just told FH yest! Told him I'm going to try to skip dinner for the next 32 days, except when we are with friends. And will try to exercise more if I can. But recently got a lot of wedding stuff so not able to go home early. Hope can do more next week...

n congrats for getting rid of the braces!


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angelina: jia you.. keep going~~~ take the task from your to do list one by one

Finally started to write invitation cards... started my montage also.. for those DIY montage hor.. did your use movie maker or photo story 3? Any one use other than these?

hahaha haven't try my gowns for LONG time.. scary thing to do on my list.. hahahaha maybe these few days must take out and try try liao wait grow fats then need to alter :S


fanny> i'm arranging PG to sit in bridal car too.. no space for him already.. haha.. unless he wanan drive his own car~ but unlikely lor.. for AD door hor.. a boy suppose to open door when HB reach ur place.. me have no boy to open door at his place~ we skipping that part.

my mua tell me she not sure how many brides to do that day.. i've told her wat time i'm leaving hse.. she say she need to plan her schedule esp. during hot dates.. early nvm but cannot late.. hehe..


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sigh... i willmiss staying with my families too..

told my mom and hubby that after the wedding, i'll prob stay over at my mom's place 2- 3 weekdays.. cos hubby working london hours (3pm - 3am)... they both agreed...

but not sure whether it's a good arrangement...????

oh ya, i've also ordered a roasted pig.. $280 for a 13 kg one... from a pretty famous store at the Ubi Industrial area...

thanks for all the confirmation on the Nubra... i'm still trying to find the thread link...


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actualli pig supposed to b ordered by guy's side... but for mi... mi future in laws all bo chap wan... they leave everything to mi bf... mi bf leave to mi... :|
Zeph... u in e same position??


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where are you going for your PS?
How was your fitting at TY?
Must feel really great that your braces are off...my fiance's braces can be taken off permanently too, just in time for our PS

How about taking more small meals? I find that it helps?? it does speed up your metabolism and the weight lost stays away for a longer time.
I also lose some weight when i fall sick...the process of being ill is too much for me....

Stay healthy everyone!!


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Hi everyone there, My AD listed is on 28 Dec at the 88 Rest. To inform every dec 08 brides, i'm calling off my wedding and in a midst of a divorce.

Thank you


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hmm.. rightfully is guy's side give lah.. but HB and I thought we'll cover all the wedding expenses ourselves, plus my in-laws didn't bring it up to offer... so we went to rackee ourselves, and found this lobang...

yeah, so straylamb, i'm in the same position..

in fact, we also order the wedding cakes ourselves, paying ourselves too...


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Ya lor. Dunno if i remembered wrongly or it is really 2 hours for the outdoor shoots.
I am supposed to be there at 10am for the makeup and indoor shots till 3+pm. then have a quick lunch b4 the outdoor. If counting by that timetable, i should be outdoors earlier.

Maybe bring a set of casual clothes to change for the outdoor shoots since i only have 1 gown.

Need to double check with BS when i see them on sunday to confirm the gowns.


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hi providencia,
wah....guz i can see ur sparkling smile after ur braces r removed....so how was ur fitting at tan yoong? hehehe....cant wait to see d effects on d gowns after adding d details on :p


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Jac>don't have a habit of eating small meals. Lucky i don't usually snack otherwise lagi more jialat.
going to eat fruits when I hungry instead of indulging in cakes and other sinful dessserts. :p


bay, i rented the gowns from another bridal shop.. yap need MUA also.. but all costs in still lesser than if i were to top up a comfortable numbers of pics with FB.. so i decided to spend the money this way instead.. :p

charma, ur MUA no frens who she can rope in? My MUA told me to inform her if my frens/relatives wan make-up on AD, she has frens who are MUA and can come down and do for them. But for her she'll focus on the bride only..

tanlee, 2 hrs OD PS is abit short.. i left for my OD PS ard 4.45pm, coz there was another couple using the studio for PS and we had to wait for them to finish sometimes..ended at 7.30pm coz we took night shots.. even so, already felt it's too short.. if urs is 5-7 its even shorter.. plus traveling time, perhaps can onli go 2 places...

Lay C, sorry to hear about ur mum.. my fren recommended me a shop in chinatown for wedding stuff.. if u wan i can give u the contact no.. else u can just go there walk ard see see..


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Mrs chiew: same same..I will be using movie maker to DIY my wedding photo montage. I will be using 100 photos for the montage to be played prior banquet begins..instead of placing the album at the reception area.


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straylamb> wah. so ex meh?? my MIL asked if we want roast pig.. my mum asked my aunts...all dunno how to cut it up and return back..
coz must cut the head and tail properly...and the body..and return the rest.. if not cut properly and returned also cannot de....
so mum said dun want..and all my cousins also never ask for roast pig..just an AP to replace... sigh...

so there goes my significance.. sigh....

Ivy> hahahha... yah.. coz i encouraged Super Padded.. featherlite and Super Padded are the same.. just that Super Padded is slightly thicker...
u know what? i have a feeling.. Kim has no more SUper padded stock..and plenty of Featherlite left...coz... from then till now.. no one has ever bought featherlite i think...
Coz we are not well endowed..at least not me...so i feel super Padded is better....makes it fuller ma..
Well..so what did u buy?? u can always try both..and see which u prefer...
if super padded is no good..why are gals buying maximizer??? sigh....
We all just wanna look better loh... hahahaha....

huh?? now one by one all having pre marital stress liaoz... okay... i'm staying with my parents..so... i wont have those feelings.
and my love nest is close to my parents...and i wont feel that way too...
but i think i dun mind staying with my ILs.. hahaha... at least when i go there now...
my MIL knows i'm coughing..she cooked Luo Han Guo for me to drink..one whole big pot just for me...
that day Table Tennis Olympic finals..i went to MIL place...she also asked hows my cough..must take care...and asked if wanna boil for me..
i said little bit will do.. not one big pot la.. hehe..
Then she cooked half a luo han guo.. so nice hor.. hehee... :p
ANd she cooks at home...she does all the housework at home...
If i stay with them.. at least i know i can return home for a nice meal... my mum dun cook de... sigh....

But of coz i can cook la.. but.. where got time ? lazy la.. mayb when i shift to my own place...
my house is very messy..and dirty.. i dun like... i clean..it gets dirty again...
i rather go my own house quick... at least.. it'll be clean.. hehee...

Thank God both HB and me are clean freaks.. hehe.. :p

waxie> very near la.. 969 only 35min.. hehe... not that far.. Jurong west is further loh..

jrgal> haha.. yah.. 12 more days... scary... and nervous man....

btw.. last nite sent HB to TTSH A&amp;E.. coz he having chest pain.... then it turn out to be just chest muscle strained...
i think he's too stressed over the $$ issue la.. not enough rest..and working his head off...
sigh.... so worried for him last nite loh.. me alone there... so scary..
but i'm very very familiar with TTSH.. so i could walk ard to find food and drinks...
He's ok liaoz... went to work today again. sigh...

spoiltbabe>thats fast.. 6am ah..whats ur timing like??
I need to be done by 715am thereabouts..so that we have time to take pics before the groom and entourage arrives....
Then the PG and VG can go down to wait for him.... coz my games will start from void deck.. hehe.. :p

i think mine needs to come at about 530am wor....

rachie> yeah,.. i'm the one.. i'm the 1st to be married off.. my AD is 1st Sept..

12 more days...

Married or not is up to u.. i've frens who had married frens as xiongdis and jiemeis too..

but mine are all singles..except one.. who decided to ROM tmr!!!
hahha..so she'll be the only ROMed jiemei..

fanny> 6pm sounds okay.. ur mums leh? doing their MU? then u must get MUA to come earlier.. :p
depends le... my MIL initally say no need boy to open door.. but my god ma insists need..
else its like nobody welcome bride into the groom's side...
so we got HB's bro who's also Xiongdi to open my door.. hehehe...:p

MMm..usually PG will sit bridal car la.. but up to u loh.. :p


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the most tedious part of wedding prep is the guestlist problem..esp with in-law side. Coz its usually the FH side has the most tables occupancy. What worries me most is whether most of the tables will be filled on tat day? Why muz older folks prefer 2 have banquet instead?sighz..if we were allowed to choose our own way of celebration, we definitely will go for buffet style concept. Dun need to worry so muz...