(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Ops, sorry eunice, blur me.. i re-read ur msg again n realise u didnt sign up wif GHA! hahahha

ok, anywae, i hadnt do anything le.. had u gals done anything yet? I gt no idea wat to do man.. hahah


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I have frenster, but super long nvr log in le.. I have facebook also, also super long nvr log in le. Haha.. Think u add me on facebook better. [email protected] But I havent got my softcopy of the bridal shots yet. So havent upload any photos either. Hehe..


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MaryP> you are so very disciplined. I really hope we can do that too. 40 pics is also quite a lot for pkg, considering ours is much lesser (was ever asked to keep the no a secret in case other pple unhappy mwhaha)


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Haha.. okie.. Now i trying to edit my profile and stuffs. Wah, super diff to do lor. It doesn't do auto paragraphing when i press [enter]!! Have to search for html codes in order to paragraph them. Fainting liao.. Haha.. Or am i doing it the wrong way? LOL...


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<font color="0000ff">wah....ahnet, u gg crazy??haa, but i guess if u r gettin Necessary stuff, well...Ok lo..u heading Paris SOOn!!b Save up babe!! =p
initially when i thot i would b flying to Europe for HM, i was dreaming abt gettin Salavatore Ferragamo leather bags...LVs i heard can only get 2 per pax...then in the end, hubby choose USA, sianz by half.... =(
hmm..i guess juz go w the Flow la, LOL...gettin COach bags n GAP, GUess baby clothes for my sister in law n Nephews ba...hopefully i can get sth i really LIKE n love this time...i never seems to get the ideal design for myseLf...ahhh..m i picky? i think i do...Hooooo....
Juz an adv: Credit cards are dangerous, make sure u could settle the BILL on time and try to pay FULL payment, as to avoid the crazy HIGH int rates, etc...debts...Scary...</font>

<font color="ff0000">thanks lOads for the Tips for the Bra sewing thingy, haaaa..cheers!!</font>


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charma97 (charma97): Thanks! So in your multiply is still your trial fitting and your photoshoot-behind-the-scene pictures right? Do post your photoshoot pictures once you have received them k? =) You look radiant and your strappy gown looks nice on you!


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Hi charma97, can add me in your multiply too? Would love to see your lovely pictures too...and any more beautiful BTBs out there got photos to share? I just completed my PS so I guess my photos not so soon take de..i worry i will lose control and end up forking out alot of money to buy back the photos also... grrrrr....

My multiply ID is karentey75
My facebook and friendster is [email protected]

Rest assure I will definitely share my pics with u gals when I get them ya....


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Ya lor.. So diff to do.. Now still doing up my profile. Faintz liao.. Haha..

Karen, will add u too! But bear with me too, cos still doing up my profile and i also havent got softcopy of my pics. Will upload them too when i recv them!


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crown> give me ur email?? will send to you..

viv> went down to ASA today..was told the current no. of pax is only 7... not the 8 that i was told over the phone...
duhz... gotta wait till next wed then will know if its on or not.. else we gotta take the 10th Sept trip... grrr....

i cant take payaya... the last few times i took it yyyeeaarrrrsss ago... diarrhoea... have stopped taking payaya since teenagers..guess thats why mine stopped growing since..
wahhahaha.. :p

msbean> next time we organise trip to Batam spa la.. kekekee.. :p
what thing 20"??? you can go to other showroom..test test the brand and model u want..then go to beds.sg and order loh.. heehhee.. :p

huh??cant touch it? i already sleeping on it liaoz.. kekekke.. :p

I went to chinatown today..realised that the PJ is very the thin kind.. i asked the auntie how much..she said $15.. i said.. huh??
not $15 meh?Then she look at me in astonishment..and said.. huh??? how come $13?? then she said.. normally $15... sell u $13 loh..
wah liaoz..like that also can??? but we got the cute cute stickers from her.. really cheap...$1.50 only...elsewhere is min $2..
hahaha... bought $26.50 of stuffs..and managed to discount till $26.. hahahaha...she didnt want to intially..but she relented and said ok loh..

Ah Net> email please.. haaha.. i lazy to go check.. please indicate email and what u need.. this thread too fast la.. how to go scroll up?
will go crazy de.. jehehehe..

crown> ask u ah... when to calculate when is the most productive or not month ah? i forgot liaoz...
Coz hor.. my menses just came..means.. Sept ard this period will come again.. so i was thinking. how productive i am on 1st sept?
hahahaha.. i dun wanan take the chance.. we not ready to be parents yet.. hahahhaa.....
i foresee my next menses should be about 14th sept... usually is abt 3 days next month after this month's date....
hahhaa..so.... 1st - 4th sept.. should be safe?? once the egg drop... how long it'll wait?? hahahhaha....

opsss.... :X

All>3 more weeks to my AD.... stress!! i can feel the stress and excitement wor.... duhz....siaoz liaoz...

supposed to go Stefine today.. but Alvyn not in..still reservist.. so gotta go down on Thur to see our 1st preview.. hehehhe.. :p


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Celest: Oh no, so you don't get the kua? They only have a few kuas issit? But sorry it isn't me, if not we can shang liang shang liang!
And ah, I also don't know what to do now...I haven't even finished preparing my guest list though...You all settled your guest lists yet??

And as for 27 Dec, I also think it's not particularly auspicious...Cos I saw the hotel calender, mine wasn't highlighted in red! And I was happy, cos means don't have to pay extra! HAHA!! :p

SotongLet: Good for you, just nice, it's your anniversary together!
Good date...Easier to remember in future also...Hehe...


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i think its good to draft out ur guest list but be prepared that they will be lots of changes to it even to the last minute.

so, ur reception girls must be those more steady one. cannot be those sit there and just to look pretty ones. there is a few cases where the reception girls keep going to the toilet to do touch up or some of them abandon the reception area when their bf or hubby is here...very irresponsible.


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hi gals,
finally back in action after a few days....have been busy wif my wedding prep....went for my food tasting, selected some songs, doing my photo montage....still got lotsa things not done....help!!!! :p


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hi mary poppins,
wah v happy to know dat u only topped up 5 pics, it's a huge saving n im sure u can buy more bags in europe.....u r so disciplined, hehehe....i wished i could b like u so dat i cld have gotta more shopping $....im looking f/d to see ur pretty pics cos ur preview ones dat u posted up is alrdy so pretty
im sure ur 45 pics r def v beautiful n worth ur $


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Rach : sure this time the package is cheap leh ONLY SGD150

Package Include :
2 way ferry ticket with seaport tax from Singapore - Waterfront City - Singapore for 2 persons
2 way hotel transfer from Waterfront City - Hotel - Waterfront City
1 Night stay at Harris Room ( Superior )
Welcome drink upon arrival
1 Buffet breakfast at Harris Cafe
FREE 01 game of bowling per adult per stay basis * 1 time only and excluding shoes / socks
FREE 02 way shuttle to Nagoya town per stay basis * first come first served &amp; fixed schedule
FREE 01 time set lunch for adults only OR 01 pan pizza per room per stay basis
FREE 03 hour Spa for adults only at our H Spa - Body Scrub, Choice of Indonesia / Sports / Shiatsu / Kinasih massage
FREE usage of Dino Kid's Club * Child from 6 years to 12 years

Actually I want go to and fro and come back but this package is more worth it . when you all are ready to go then we can go together

The shop maybe charge me cheap because I buy a lot and it quote me base on bulk order ma . as long as you get your pajames , Thin material good ma so not so hot .

Crown : nxt time i need you to count for me also , heehee I not ready to be parent , still need to enjoy 1-2year


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Hi Marypoppins, I had added you. Yeah.. I consoled myself by taking again next time.. LOL..

Hi Jane, I had added you too. I am not sure how many pages i got.. But my friends that already married had been encouraging me NOT TO top up... LOL..

Hi pinky81, Yeah, but there was a few preview of my pre wedding photos under blog. Thanks for the compliment.

Hi jo_vin, can i add u into my facebook too?

Hi Karen, I had added you too. If you don't want to top up so much, inform your HTB and asked him to control you.. If not get a close friend to tag along and asked her to control you. Heehee..

This is what I did too.

Hi Chimes, I am Charmayne here. Nice to see you here too.. Heehee..

So happy to know so many new friends..


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mi also oledi bought e bird nest from hock hua few weeks back... not bad... bought 6 bottles so can last mi till AD liao...

rach... hope u r okie liao?

msbean... mi bf also like tat... tat dae we also quarrel bout e guest list... mi side guest list almost okie liao... but his side apart from xiongdis he haf hardly ask anybody yet... not even ask verbally! i was so worried tat i cried... i said wait we cannot meet the min tables then lost $$ how... he said he will do nearer to e date loh... now thk of it soo silly loh... he not gancheong bout his $$ y i worry for him... haiz...

strawclare, happiness... mi EG very low cut in front... tat time when PS, no matter how i adjust e silicon bra (mine is some ulu brand) also can see e hook in e middle... mi photographer say he will edit it away... but then for AD dunnoe how? any tips how to adjust? or must use e tape method? mi MUA is guy leh... wahaha...

strawclare... wah ur PS photos realli look like hei1 she4 hui4... but all look great... i like e short dress :p oo i very onz ktv also!
i dun mind even goin 3 times a week! but lost touch w new songs liao!

ahnet... u spent 4digit shoppin? wah...

celine... mi friends who haf small babies/toddlers now tell mi if possible go buy king size bed... coz eventualli e kids will end up squeezin onto ur bed... more convenient too when u need to wake up in e middle of e nite to attend to e kid...

crown... i also wanna noe how 2 calculate... last time biology class got study b4 but i fail bio! =p


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Rach>good luck with your tour. 10 Sept is not so good?

Counting is not an accurate way of preventing birth control wor. Accidents can still happen with the wedding stress and all. If don't want bb, best to use proper contraceptive.

bean>package is good price. But I heard Harris' spa not v good leh. I only tried the Holiday Inn spa in Batam. was great. FH and I loved it, esp the outdoor setting.


Praisey, no complain liao lah you already got joho leh so envy...how much you paid for his service??

You didn't add in your wedding date.

huh...our july gang only so few nia??? Sigh!!!


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Lsntyl , yes holiday inn the spa is the best the "tea tree spa " they have the best asia spa award leh ,My hubby also love it .

this time i try harris as harris is top 3 also in the flowerpod website . This time I go will take photo let you all see the harris spa

Next time I go I would like to try Mustika Spa

the previous i go is batam view resort spa - is java type ,dun go is soooo painful . my frenz shout until the 2 room away can hear ( as 2 room away is a other gtoup of frenz . But the envir is good as is next to the sea


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msbean>hee, ok. I wonder if we can get a discount from harris if a few couples book together. :p Think I can persuade FH. He's been talking about a spa cos he v long haven't had massage.


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Hi hi,

I am one of the Dec'08 brides too. Just came back from holiday and saw full of list of posting. hee.. interesting. :p

My AD is going to be in Dec and PS is going to be in Sept. Any suggestion of what to bring for PS and any advise whether should i really drive a car there? ERP and parking is very expensive. I read that some of the couples had bought the HDB $16 parking but don't know if that applies to all the location in Singapore?

Drafting the guest list is a major stuff i think.
Anyone can advise how to go about drafting the guest list?

Steps :
1) Draft out a name list
2) Let the hotel know the quantity of the invitation cards
3) Get it print by the printers
4) Collate individual adress
5) Send out to the respective guests after
6) Collecting the invitating cards
7) Thereafter, follow-by phone call to confirm attendances

Does it sounds appropriate that way? :p


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Hi all brides-to-be, our wedding is on 16 Dec at M Hotel. Bridal Shop: Inspiration, JB
My hubby n I haven't really gone into the mood of preparing anything yet. We are taking our own sweet time and pace. Hehe...


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i juz been to harris resort 2weeks ago. We stayed in Harris Cabana. A very nice setting room with dim lighting and open concept toilet suitable for couple to stay hehe..
We took the harris rejuventure pkg. the 3hr spa v SHIOK.


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msbean>I prefer to go direct to the hotel too. Much more efficient than going thru an agency.

green>its rach who wants to use the day counting method, not msbean lah. :p


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hi cfay, i thought BS will be providing transport. Then, let them drive you la.

I agree that drafting guest list is a major task. For me, something similar to you. But i more KS, i sms/email them after initial draft then those confirm not coming one, i leave out their name.


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Thanks Ling ling.

This is not ks lah, i guess you are narrowing down your list before proceeding to send out the invitation cards. Is good to do that. :p

Yes, my BS do provide transport bah i think, i yet to find out. but then guess if we will to drive can go more places. When is your PS? Any pics to share?


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Bubby : yes I call my own MUA to make for my mother and MIL . one MUA can make ard 3person only for AD ( I have to call them 3.30pm reach hotel ) as one hrs per person


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hahaha mei relax... just keep going will do :p

me also manage to settle my wine over the weekend...wanted to start writing invitation card but so lazy... then nothing done.. tired...

my montage also untouch hahaha still got 53days for me to go :p


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i did not order any wine for banquet. no knowledge in which wine is gd.
anyway, our hotel quoted us $22 per bottle of house wine. do u think the price reasonable??

porsche> i using powerpoint

did u gals engage MUA for ur mothers and sisters?