(2007) Brides of year 2007


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hello ladies... ops.. have a while never been online... been quite busy...

wah, kaye... i guess now claire will only need to wake up one or twice in the night time for milk... so should be alright right?? heee.. easy to say la... i think if for me, i have no idea how am i going to wake up and feed her... :p

smilez... wooo... no worries, ur boi coming out to this world real soon...


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i source wine outside too.. from a company called Winesymphony.. i'm getting the same brand n grape which my hotel is providing... i have 1 bottle of wine for each confirmed table,scared not enough,so source outside.. managed to get $8 cheaper from this shop per bottle...


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Hello everyone!

Has anyone already prepared the ang pow? Any idea how much should we give to doorboy(the boy who helps to open the door, not sure if this is the correct term), jie meis, the brothers, videographer, photographer....and did I missed out on anyone?


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yup i heard alot of companies is really strict on the web access now..

kaye, i am sure u can manage with claire... haha.. all mummy tend to be abit naggy but it is becoz they care..


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Kaye, sure!! Got ur hp number during the last gathering. U din change hor =P
Mummies are like tat. As piglet says, they nag cos they care mah.

Ya.. wonder how the other gals are doing. Think Mei must be celebrating her 1st yr ROM anniversary hor.

Von, ya.. he shd be out in 2 or 3wks time

Excited yet gan cheong at the same time.

Piglet, agree lor.. no access to msn & forum realli sianz~


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hi june, mine is a freelance, overall not bad too
if u interested can let me noe..

jaspire icic.. hehe.. so how's all the antenatal classes? me din attend any..


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VG n PG no need to give one leh... for my case,bcoz we required them to come early,so we have to pay the surcharge,tats y we think no need to give them ang bao... but we may give a small ang bao for the driver whom the BS will provide for that day...


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Hi all,

My wedding is over...Have some wines leftover. intend to sell it away. Interested can contact me.

1) 15 bottles of Wolf blass Eaglehawk 2006 -Cabernet Sauvignon @ $18 each.

2) 5 bottles of Wolfblass bilyara Shiraz 2006 @ $18 each.

Self-collect @ west area.

Interested pls email me @ [email protected]


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good morning ladies!

been real busy last week so hardly cum in...

ya, my co block certain website and msn so boring for me.

smilez, so fast ur boy will cum out soon. you will be doing ur confinement during xmas.

kaye, its tough to look after Claire but you can make it dun worry. mum will nag at us esp our own mothers cos they love us.


Jellyfield: Ya man! My hubby was so sian of walking around there! :p He couldn't understand why I needed to see every level. Think he got angry with me for a moment too hahaha. :p


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Morning gals...

When do we give PG, driver & MUA the angbaos? Before their service in the morning or after their service in the evening? What's the market rate for these angbaos?


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think_thrice, the angbao amt is up to individual ba.. for my case.. here's wat i'm giving

open car door - $20
jie-mei n brother - $20
chauffuer & jie-mei car driver - $12
MUA, PG, VG, emcee - $28

will be giving angbaos to our parents, young siblings, cousins and nephews too

parents - $68
younger siblings and my nephew - $28
cousins - $12


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hi girls,
open car door,we will give $68 ( to b confirmed )
jie mei n brother - jie mei's will b based on the amt they got it from gate thrashing, brothers side,FH plan to give $28/pax
chauffuer - may give $10-$12 ( see his service that day)
PG n VG - dun plan to give, coz already pay them $30 each for the surcharge.. required them to come 30min earlier than expected,then need to pay them this surcharge... so dun plan to give again
MUA - dun plan to give too,coz will require her to stay n do 1 more hairdo for me, which cost me $150

for me,i told my parents, most of my cousins are the same generation as me,so dun plan to give ang bao.. only give those who r very young, example those still studying in pri sch..


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men can never understand how v can spend hours on window shopping only! to them, they shop when they have needs to b fulfilled. to us, it's a stress relieve thingy n oso to update our fashion sense!


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maydeline... i wonder if u r the same maydeline i haf in my multiply contact list :p

i need my MUA,PG and VG all to come early... am paying my MUA extra $40 and chauffuer $20.. nt sure if PG n VG will charge extra anot.. coz i confirm will use more than the 10hrs as stated in my contract.

as for the cousins angbao, we are oni giving to those who r still studying oni.. if married n haf kids liao den we gif to their kids. these are all on my hubby's side.. for my side, i'm the baby among my cousins on both my parents side, my cousins all at least 12yrs-20yrs older than mi :p

ur MUA oni charge $150 to stay? mine charging $180
i'm asking her to stay until 9.15pm.


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i suspect this forum will be quite quiet in the coming weeks as everyone gets sucked into the final preps :D

I'm hoping that i haven't overlooked any major issues!

congrats to everyone in advance! we've made it to the final step.... almost there before we can kick back our heels and relax!!



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so busy lately, no time cm in.

my angbaos,(keke agnes, i copy n paste urs to edit,lazy):
open car door - $28
brothers - $20
sisters- frm gate crashing, prepared small gift to give them at night
bridal chauffuer- $12
jie mei car driver - $20
MUA, PG, VG - $12
emcee couple- $38

will be giving angbaos to our parents, cousins , siblings+spouse

grand,parents - $88
nephew, niece - $28
cousins - $10
rest of kids - $4

also prepared angbaos for parents to give to them.


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Cynthia, my hubby will juz replace the pig trotters with angbao.. tink nt much ppl eat pig trotters nowadays also..

Elchwong, nt sure leh.. mi also tinking when izit appropriate to give. i tot in the morning, but my hubby scared wait they anyhow do their job.. tell me to give at the end of banquet.. still deciding on it.

maydeline, hi hi! :p



we have to gv AP to those kids even they never serve us tea? so tat means as long as they are present?
why must gv AP to parent? just curious.


me now having problems with the guest list. now a lot of ppl say cannot go even thou they say can. althou i already overinvite by 4 tables..still...*haiz*


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divasan, u r good le, can overinvite so many.

actually i didnt do RSVP. i just assumed they will come cos who cannot aly say cannot come le.

later my dinner empty de..hahaha


babymiki2003 >> actually i expect at least 20% wouldn't make it and thus overinvited. i am looking at 30 tables but over invite by 3-4 tables at my bro's advice.

the most irritating part is that i asked if they can come before sending the invite and they promise they will.

den when i asked them have they received the wedding invite and i want to double confirm with them how many are coming as i am making the table arrangements then they say cannot.

wasted my efforts in the stamp, the phone call and also the wedding invite.


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yeah i think the guestlist is the most "headache" part.i am having my wedding dinner on 30/12 and right now, i am still confirming my guestlist, havent sent the invites out yet but soon. plan to invite 20% above the confirmed no of guests. luckily my hotel coordinator allows me to confirm the final no. (latest) 4 days prior to the AD. this is all that we can do, if some guests really fly aeroplane at the last min, i guess there's nothing much that we can do but to take it haha....


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yah kinda of quiet... heehee.. sorry that i always read but seldom contribute!!!

Well blog almost up with the file from express highlight - which i thought was pretty good

Take cAre gals


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don't be suprise when those guest can tell you one night in advance or even the day itself that they can't make it.

this happend to me on my engagement lunch.

you gather the "confirm number" when you double check with them after you send the cards.. this confirm number you need to accoun for 20% who will not turn out on actual day.


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Hi all,

My wedding is over in 3rd Nov. Now enjoying marriage life. And also feeling relax..free from the preparation woes.

So anyone intend to start a family soon? Hehe


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Yah, I also face the same problem. But am glad that my guests able to tell me now that they can't make it. I'm just scared that on that day itself, I can't meet the minimum number of tables.

Also thinking of when would be the best time to give AP to MUA, photographers & videographers. To give them earlier, scared they will chin chai do after that. If give later, scared they thought no AP, so also anyhow do... I think too much liao hor? Hee...


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the guestlist i really leave it to fate. but i only got 2 tables to worry cos 1 table is super kakis, 2 tables are colleagues. only need to worry that.

the rest are relatives and my SO's side which i dont wan to care.


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ladies, anyone here done MOLE REMOVING? I am planning to do mine on 11 Dec with dr GOH from National Skin Center.

He advise me to do exocism (cutting it off, stich it up, 5 days later go back to remove the stiches) compare to Laser

He say Laser would actually have a bigger scar compare to exocism.

Any suggestion ladies?