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    Looking for someone to take AM session on 18 June 2022 so can share cost of Tentage @ Youngs

    Hi, We are considering this beautiful tentage setup @ Youngs (Seletar area) but it costs ard 13-14k for tentage + decor + sound system + 70 pax food etc. We'd like to know if anyone else is getting married on the same day and wld like the AM session so that we can check with the vendor if we...
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    WTS: Andaz Sky Glasshouse Ballroom Wedding Sat Lunch (Date flexible up to 2022), $3,000 discount, Min. 180 pax, Up to 280 pax

    Venue: Andaz Glasshouse (See link below for more images) Day: Saturday Dine: Lunch Date: Any date Pax: Min. 180 pax, Up to 280 pax Rate: $1,728++ per table My Discount: $3,000 (Covering 1.5 tables at 1728++) Payment to me: $4,000 Payment to Hotel: Hotel will charge a fee of $1,500 upon...