wedding 2022

  1. J

    Letting go wedding banquet Oct 2022-Dec 2022

    Hello we are looking at taking over banquet for Oct-Dec 2022 Would consider all venues. Do let me know if you’re letting go of any! I can be contacted at 94559254. Ideal places Andaz, Monti, JW Marriot.
  2. V

    High tea wedding

    Can anyone suggest any restaurants or hotels around city hall area that can do high tea for 50pax? Our church wedding is around 1 to 3pm, ideally we would like to serve high tea after 3pm but seems like most restaurants close at 2.30pm and open after at 6pm.
  3. C

    Looking for Catholic Church Service slots in Jun22

    Hi there, here’s a long shot to all here. I am looking for a wedding mass service slot at Church of St Mary of the Angels or Church of St Peter and Paul in Jun’22 or 11 Jun’22, if I can be specific. Kindly reach out if you know someone who would like to pass on their slot. Much appreciated...
  4. M

    Looking for someone to take AM session on 18 June 2022 so can share cost of Tentage @ Youngs

    Hi, We are considering this beautiful tentage setup @ Youngs (Seletar area) but it costs ard 13-14k for tentage + decor + sound system + 70 pax food etc. We'd like to know if anyone else is getting married on the same day and wld like the AM session so that we can check with the vendor if we...
  5. J

    Wedding Do-over

    Hi everyone, I need advice regarding my wedding do-over. My husband and I got married in 2020, did a solemnization party. We planned a wedding but the wedding banquet didn’t happen thanks to covid, so we only signed papers. We still managed to go on our honey moon earlier last year, and then...
  6. X

    WTB Dinner Banquet (January - June 2022)

    Hi All, We are looking to buy over wedding dinner banquet packages from January - June 2022. Hotels: 4-5 stars Pax: 90-200 pax Day: Weekend Kindly PM details of your package. Appreciate it much, thanks! :)
  7. Jessica.Ruth

    WTB Wedding Lunch

    for July 2022. Pm me if you're selling