Wedding Do-over


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Hi everyone, I need advice regarding my wedding do-over. My husband and I got married in 2020, did a solemnization party. We planned a wedding but the wedding banquet didn’t happen thanks to covid, so we only signed papers. We still managed to go on our honey moon earlier last year, and then decided we should try for a baby mid year. Now I have a beautiful kid and we plan to do a 1 year old celebration next year and the wedding we were supposed to have. My deposits were in all sorts of places like make up, videography/photography, singing, and esp hotel wedding venue. Wedding gowns are still in my wardrobe. Thankfully most are happy to help me push forward and not forfeit my deposits.
Question. Since we’ve been living together for years, we’re so comfortable and now we have a child. How should my itinerary be like on the wedding day - skip gate crash? We still have to do tea ceremony, our wedding will be in the afternoon (lunch). If any of you ladies have encountered the same situation as me - do share!
Thanks in advance!
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