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    WTS: France Paris PWS in Taiwan/Singapore. (法國巴黎 Pre-Wedding Shoot)

    Letting go pre-wedding shoot package by France Paris (法國巴黎) at a LOWER price than what I paid for! PM me or telegram me at @zaong!! BACKGROUND STORY: Bought this in Jan 2020, just before Covid hits. Wedding (supposedly in Q4 2020), also got postponed to indefinitely due to Covid. Waited for...
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    Letting go Queena Actual Day Package + Photoshoot

    Hi all, due to unforeseen circumstances, i have to let go this bridal package i've signed at the latest BOWS wedding fair: Queena is a prestige Taiwanese bridal studio and photography crews from their Taiwan branch will be attaching with the newly weds during their local outdoor photoshoot...