pre-wedding shoot

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    Letting go of Pre Wedding Shoot at good price

    Hi all, letting go of a pre wedding shoot due to personal reasons. Got it at a fair for a reasonably good price! Pre-wedding photoshoot 12” vertical album x36 photos 30" portrait with frame CD- selected and edited photos Thank you card 400 pieces signature booklet x1 Bride: 4 gowns with 4...
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    WTS ** Pre-wedding photoshoot with exclusive privileges **

    Hi all, I'm posting on behalf of a couple for their pre-wedding shoot package.. they are unable to arrange for the shoot as it's too rush for their wedding. It's from a renowned Taiwan studio with positive reviews and service quality which they strongly recommend based on personal experience...
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    WTS: Multifolds 2day PWS New Zealand

    Hi everyone, Currently letting go of a New Zealand pre-wedding shoot with Multifolds that's scheduled for coming Nov. Includes: Photographer airfare Make-up included 2 Days of Lovescapade Photography 100 Colour-edited images 35 Photoshopped images 1 Dear Future Montage [3 Mins] Signature...
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    Wts: TWC AD gown(2), MUA, PWS inc. 2nd Session rental FOC(same gowns)

    Hi all, Decided to purchase my own gown instead and hence letting go of this package. Signed on 10 March 2019, and Nego for a good deal inclusive of: Actual day 2 AD gown(all TWC brand gown) 1 suit Makeup artist - 1 style for day and 1 style for night Trial session for makeup ( free 2nd time...