Wts: TWC AD gown(2), MUA, PWS inc. 2nd Session rental FOC(same gowns)


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Hi all,

Decided to purchase my own gown instead and hence letting go of this package. Signed on 10 March 2019, and Nego for a good deal inclusive of:
Actual day
2 AD gown(all TWC brand gown)
1 suit
Makeup artist - 1 style for day and 1 style for night
Trial session for makeup ( free 2nd time trial by another artist if not satisfied with first)

1. TOP up for pronovias only at 500(usual is 1000) - includes series up to 2020 assuming it’s alr available at ur time of choosing gown
2. 2nd session gown and make up included with no extra cost (ie. if your wedding is held over 2 days, maybe one for fam and one for friends?)
3. Trial makeup second time if not satisfied with first artist ( as mentioned above)

30 photos, comes in 12x30” album
1x Enlargement portrait 16x20”
8x10” tabletop photo

STANDARD TWC Additional costs
Night photography +250 for pws
Ad Morning surcharge +50 for every hr before 7am
Eyelash 20/pair
Ampoule 25/tube

Selling for less than 4000. Those who have been to twc would know gown rental alr costs more than 2k. Pm for more details.

Alt contact me at 91123703