1. Y

    WTS - Intricked Actual Day Photography

    Want to sell intricked actual day photography at $2000 nett. $1000 deposit has been paid. PM me on telegram @yihuityh
  2. J

    WTS $1800 AD Videography & Photography package

    Dear BTBs, Looking to sell away my Actual Day Photography & Videography package 2 Videographer 1 Photographer 10 hours service *1 SDE highlight video *1 Full documentary video *All photos returned (color corrected) No other charges for early for OT. $1800 Deposit $500 (paid) Willing to let...
  3. T

    WTS: Credits for Photography (by Bobby Kiran Yeo) and Videography (by Freyafilms) - $300 discount each

    Hi there! I am selling off credits for my photographer and videographer, with details as follows: Photography by Bobby Kiran Yeo (BKY) Price: Selling $1,900 worth of credits for only $1,600 Terms: Can use for any packages under BKY Validity Period: Credits must be use for dates before end 2021...
  4. K

    WTS: PWS and AD Photography Package (valid till 2021)

    Hi all! Am letting go the following PWS and AD photography package. The package validity is until end 2021. Price is about $3200~ for both sessions with a great vendor! (negotiable) PWS Photography Package Up to 3 hours of photography service 2 locations of your choice Complimentary photo...
  5. darensoh

    WTS : Good Price - Reputable Boutique for Pre-wedding & AD Package

    Letting go of a very attractive package from Reputable Gown Forestry (outlet at Suntec City with beautiful gowns) Year: 2020 ( Negotiable) Please PM me for price. Package details: Pre-Wedding Photography (Singapore) 1) 1 wedding & 2 evening gown (full selection of gowns from bridal shop) 2)...
  6. W

    Budget photo montage/video

    Hi, I am a freelance editor who can help to transform your photos into a video. Samples can be shown to you. We can discuss to suit your budget. Email me at [email protected]. thanks.
  7. S

    Looking for a photographer

    Hi, i'm looking for a photographer for my engagement day this Saturday, 15/9/18, 4 to 7pm please. Thank you. :)
  8. X

    Recommendations for Fine Art photographer?

    Hi, anyone has recommendations for fine art photographer for Pre-Wedding and Actual Day? Also, if you have any bad experience with photographers, please PM me privately! Would want to know who's good and who's not recommended. Thanks!
  9. A

    Letting go Universal Bridal Studio package $2488 (prewedding shoot and actual day)

    hi all! selling the bridal package as future mother-in-law bought a package for us as a surprise. signed up at the Blissful Outdoor Wedding BOWS event 2017 hence prices are attractive. PERFECT for those who is looking at either a lunch or dinner wedding only, FUSS FREE! ALMOST EVERYTHING U...
  10. MsCookies

    Looking for wedding photographer on 11/11/2017

    hi everyone, I am looking for wedding photographer on 11/11/2017. I will be doing an early morning tea ceremony, followed by ROM and then continue to Lunch. all in same Venue. Do whatsapp me at +6588584700 for pricing and maybe leave your website portfolio in the comments below. thanks!
  11. L

    Letting go Dinner Banquet, AD Photographer, Photobooth, MUA - 7 Oct

    Hi , I am letting go the below items, feel free to PM me if you are interested in any of them: 1. Dinner banquet at Vineyard on 7 Oct 2017 for 100 pax (can be increase to 135 pax) - $9,000 Exclusive use of the above stated venues and stipulated timings respectively 01 Reception table with...
  12. itsatsc

    Wayne Studio - Review

    Hello there everyone! Our wedding was held on 7 January 2017 and it was amazing! With the patience and professionalism of Wayne Studio, not only did my husband and I have an easy and good time but everyone who came had fun too during photo sessions! June who is in-charge of all arrangements...
  13. G


    PRE- WEDDING & ACTUAL DAY PACKAGE Worth $5,000, letting go at REALLY GOOD PRICE (Technically I paid $5,000. But they threw in a lot of free upgrade stuffs, so it's actually worth >$,5000) This package is a STEAL! But I'm letting go because the wedding planner we're getting married in overseas...
  14. L

    Actual Day Wedding Videographer & Photopgrapher Package

    Hi there, I have a extra package for Videography & photography package to let go. I bought this package at SGD 2,288, am now letting go with blessing to couple who need this services at reasonable price SGD 1,888 below is the package details: Option 1: Actual day 10 hours professional...
  15. L

    Letting go AD Photography (10 hrs) w express highlights

    Hi, Due to change of plans, letting go our AD photography package with same day Express Highlights (6 hrs production time) with reputable bridal in Singapore for $1,700. Come with DVD ROM for all photos and 120 prints. Good reviews of the bridal and photographers, they are professional to work...
  16. L

    Looking for AD Photography + Videography

    Hello, I am looking for a photographer + videographer for my AD wedding on Nov 2017 Sat. (Budget @ 1.5k) If you are able to provide such, or similar services, kindly send me your package details please. Thank you!