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    WTS BlueBay's Evening Gown + 2 make up & hairdos

    Hi everyone, we are looking to sell our evening gown package which you can choose to rent from a wide assortment of evening gowns from Blue Bay Wedding. The package includes: 1) 1 x Evening gown rental 2) 2 Make up 3) 2 Hairdo These are valid now till the end 2021. We would also be please to...
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    Hi all, Decided to purchase my own gown instead and hence letting go of this package. Signed on 10 March 2019 (valid for 2 years), and negotiated for an amazing deal inclusive of: Actual day 1. 1 wedding gown(all TWC brand gown) 2. 1 evening gown(all TWC brand gown) 3. Kua 4. 1 groom suit 5...
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    Wts: TWC AD gown(2), MUA, PWS inc. 2nd Session rental FOC(same gowns)

    Hi all, Decided to purchase my own gown instead and hence letting go of this package. Signed on 10 March 2019, and Nego for a good deal inclusive of: Actual day 2 AD gown(all TWC brand gown) 1 suit Makeup artist - 1 style for day and 1 style for night Trial session for makeup ( free 2nd time...
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    Hi! Due to unforeseen circumstances I'm selling my mua package for 1 fresh morning and 1 fresh dinner make up. I've paid the deposit of 340. Do drop me an email at [email protected] com or message me at 97809540 if you're interested! Thank you!
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    Letting go Dinner Banquet, AD Photographer, Photobooth, MUA - 7 Oct

    Hi , I am letting go the below items, feel free to PM me if you are interested in any of them: 1. Dinner banquet at Vineyard on 7 Oct 2017 for 100 pax (can be increase to 135 pax) - $9,000 Exclusive use of the above stated venues and stipulated timings respectively 01 Reception table with...
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    MUA false eyelash

    Hello BTBs (and grooms if you're out there) I'd just like to check on personal experiences/hearsay here regarding the use of your own false eyelash/ampoules etc especially from brides that have signed up with Rico A mona. I've read that some MUAs will not be happy if you bring your own, I'm...
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    Looking for a MUA!

    Hi all, my friend is looking for a mua for her 5 bridesmaids on the actual wedding day (before gatecrash). Please email me @ [email protected] with your rates if you're a makeup artist or if you have any recommendations. Many thanks!