1. A

    WTS / Take-over: Wedding Lunch @ St. Regis Caroline's Mansion | use by Dec 2024

    Looking to let go of a Sunday Wedding Lunch at Singapore St Regis Caroline Mansion (standalone wedding hall) for minimum 120 pax (maximum 150 pax). Additionally, we have photog / video + wedding gown + bridal studio packages with attractive rates available. Reposting from this thread because...
  2. L

    WTS Wedding Lunch 19 Nov 2022 at Yi by Jereme Leung (Raffles Hotel)

    Hi Looking to let go our lunch banquet on 19th Nov 2022. Location is Yi by Jereme Leung at Raffles Hotel. Have paid the initial deposit, venue can hold around 90+ pax. Kindly PM if keen to take over, thanks!
  3. L

    WTB Wedding Lunch Nov 2022

    Hi, looking for venue for wedding lunch. Date - 19th Nov 2022 Pax - ~150 Cost/table <= $1.6k Thanks!
  4. T

    WTS - Banquet Lunch/Make Up/Photography

    Hi there, Letting go of the following: 1. Luncheon at Shangri La hotel ballroom - first deposit is paid and the date of event can be changed to anytime before 30 June 2020. 2. Make up - Cleo Chang (1 make up look + 1 touch up) 3. Photography - Anabel Law Productions senior associate (10...
  5. X

    Private rooms in restaurants?

    Hi all any recommendations for any Chinese or Western style of restaurants, with a nice private room? Looking to have 1-3 tables max, most likely. Bonus if the food is good of course, and if the decor is decent or above average. Even better if the room has some natural light coming in from the...
  6. K

    WTS Hotel Re! wedding lunch/dinner for 2020(FF beer,wine & liqour)

    We are selling off our banquet @ Hotel Re for 2020! (any date) (Min. 25; Max. 40) It comes with complementary free flow beer, wine & hard liqour! Lunch @ 748++, dinner @ 848++ If you are interested can contact me at 90075715
  7. S

    Letting go: At least 25% discount on wedding/event package at Shangrila

    Dear all, Thought of hosting your wedding at the Shangrila? Here is a good offer for you. I am looking to let go of my wedding event package at the Shangrila. The event has to take place ideally by 31 December 2018 with some exceptions that could be sought for before 31 March 2019. Given...
  8. K

    Letting go: 5 star hotel with private beach space & 2 ballrooms. Open date within 2018

    Hi All, I am letting go a venue @ a 5 star hotel by the beach in Sentosa. Very attractive perks with great discount. Venue includes a private beach that can be used for solemnisation as well as 2 ballrooms that you can choose from: Ballroom 1 - Max 34 tables, Ballroom 2 - Max 22 Tables. Lunch...
  9. G

    Orange Clove catering

    Hi all, I have an $800 Orange Clove catering voucher that I would like to sell at $600 The validity is until 9th July. By the way Orange Clove catering is Halal certified. Please PM me if anyone is interested.
  10. F

    WTB: Wedding lunch/dinner on Nov 2019

    Hi there! i'm looking for wedding packages in Nov 2019. Let me know if you are selling. PM with your package price and details thank you! :)
  11. A

    WTS: Wedding Lunch Package (5 Star Hotel)

    Hi all, looking to transfer my wedding lunch package at Fairmont Singapore and Swissotel The Stamford (5 Star Hotel) for 2019 at an VERY VERY attractive rate. Tentatively at second half of 2019 but flexible to change the date as long it's available, including weekends. Comes with many...
  12. U

    WTS: Wedding Lunch Banquet at Park Royal on Beach Road

    Hello! My fiancee and I have different plans for our wedding ceremony. Therefore we are selling our Wedding Lunch banquet at Park Royal on Beach Road on Dec 2 2018 Sunday. Please leave your message or contact here if you’re interested and need more info! Paid Deposit: $5000 Look at the...
  13. J

    Looking for Solemnization + chinese lunch/international buffet for 30+pax

    We are looking to find a place to have our solemnization and have either chinese restaurant style lunch or international buffet with seafood for about less than 40 pax. Any hotel or restaurants to introduce?
  14. lawdio

    WTB: Wedding package for Sept 15,22 or 30, 2018.

    Hi, looking for packages only on these days Looking for dinner or lunch on these days. Kindly email or PM me suitable ones. you can email me at [email protected]
  15. N

    WTB Banquet Lunch Package - 2nd Half 2018

    Please feel free to PM any lunch packages for 2nd Half 2018 (June - Dec) that you would like to let go :) Thank you very much!!
  16. N

    Lewin Terrace

    Hi All, we had our solemnization at Lewin Terrace earlier this week and though of sharing this place as we had a very pleasant experience. We were looking for a venue for our solemnization with a lunch reception and was introduced to Lewin Terrace. Our solemnization was held on 17 May and we...
  17. Mlry

    WTB: Wedding Lunch. (5-10tables) Preferred Sep - Dec 2017.

    Hi All, I am interested in buying over any wedding lunch with min. 5 tables packages. Please do email me your package details. mlrylim04@ G M A I L . C O M Thanks.
  18. J

    Letting Go: Wedding Lunch 2017/2018

    Hi all, we have a wedding lunch banquet at Four Points by Sheraton, Riverview Hotel, to let go as we have some changes to our guest arrangements. We are open to any reasonable offers. $5000 deposit has been made - actual date 16 Dec 2017 (quite a hot date apparently), but coordinator open to...
  19. J

    Letting go of wedding lunch at Four Points by Sheraton 2017

    Hi all We have a wedding lunch banquet at Four Points by Sheraton, Riverside Hotel, to let go as we have some changes to our guest arrangements. We are open to any reasonable offers. $5000 deposit has been made - actual date 16 Dec 2017 (quite a hot date apparently), but coordinator open to...
  20. S

    Rendezvous Hotel Singapore

    Dear all, Anyone held his/her wedding in this hotel?? Any comments??