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    Foreigners Celebrating Marriage in Singapore

    Hello, Hoping someone can help me answer this question. Fiance & I been engaged for a while now & wanted to pick Singapore as a destination wedding vacation to celebrate with close friends & family. Read online that we have to be in Singapore for 15 days to do a ROM/solemnisation or have a...
  2. N

    wedding hashtag

    need some ideas and help for wedding hashtags, feel free to contribute wedding date: 11 Dec 2021, Sat bride: leong lu ting 梁绿庭 groom: ng wei ghee 黄伟义 together for: 10 years
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    Help Needed from anyone going to Taipei

    Dear all, I need help to collect a photo album from Taipei, as the bridal shop can’t deliver it to me on time for my wedding. Hope any kind soul that is traveling to Taipei can help me out. Thank you and may god bless you.
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    Pronovias Brides!

    Hello everyone! Wondering if there are any Pronovias brides here who has tried on the Jensen gown from the White One collection? I'm contemplating to purchase the gown but as I am very small built, am worried that the open back would be too wide or end too low?? I heard that Pronovias are...
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    problem, need advice please

    Hi there, I have a big problem and really don't know what to do anymore. my fiance and I decided to finally get married in Singapore. My fiance is an muslim and living in Indonesia, while I am a US citizen being born and raised in Germany and a christian. now the problem is... I am supposed to...
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    2 Foreigners Marrying in Sg [URGENT HELP!]

    Hey guys, We are in need of desperate help. We are planning a destination wedding in Singapore this May. My fiancé is a British passport holder and myself have a HK SAR passport. Is there anyone on this forum who has or knows of people getting married in Singapore having issues with their...