2 Foreigners Marrying in Sg [URGENT HELP!]


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Hey guys,

We are in need of desperate help. We are planning a destination wedding in Singapore this May. My fiancé is a British passport holder and myself have a HK SAR passport. Is there anyone on this forum who has or knows of people getting married in Singapore having issues with their requirements?

The ROM want us to produce a letter/certificate of no impediment to marriage. In Hong Kong the government only issue a Certificate of Absence of Marriage Record which shows that I am single. However the ROM insist on the 'letter/certificate of no impediment'. There is no such document issued in HK!

Meanwhile my British fiancé (not ang mo FYI) has to get a sight to marriage record search in the UK plus an affidavit done by a notary public.

We just need ANYONE on here that is or knows someone with a UK/HK passport and has gotten married in SG before. We have some questions for you/them.

Thanks in advance.


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I am not sure if I am right.

Can you go to declare at Home Affairs Deparment ?

my Rom is in March but I haven't submitted anything
Call the embassy of Hong Kong in Singapore and ask for help. But usually the certificate of absence of marriage works. Because when I got married in France, they required the certificate of no impediment to marriage, which Singapore too, does not issue. Hence, for my case, I submitted the certificate of absence of marriage record, together with a letter from the embassy of Singapore.