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    Letting go Bridal Package with MALENA/Love Story

    Hello!! Selling of my Bridal Package with Malena Bridal Haute Couture. Below are the items that are included in the package. ❥ 1 Pcs Designer Wedding Gown (Selection includes their sibling company - Love Story) ❥ Kua Set ❥ 2 Pcs of Suit (Can be used for Father/Father In law/Brother as well) ❥...
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    TWC AD Bridal Package

    Hi BTBs who are interested in Thomson Wedding Collections (TWC) packages or one-stop bridal services, please PM me. I would like to let go of my package (2 years from 14 Feb) as I would like to take on another package with an external photographer instead, despite having a much better deal with...