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Hi BTBs who are interested in Thomson Wedding Collections (TWC) packages or one-stop bridal services, please PM me. I would like to let go of my package (2 years from 14 Feb) as I would like to take on another package with an external photographer instead, despite having a much better deal with TWC.

Listing the packages (2) below, you can take either 1 or both. Total for 2 packages is S$6,574.93, willing to let go at S$6.5k. ><

Bridal Package (S$3636.93)
**Includes special deal which I will share if bride is keen to take on package**
- 50% paid
- 1s Bridal Gown (all selection, in-house and designer)
- 1s Evening Gown (all selection)
- 2x Gents Coat
- 1x Bridal Bouquet
- 6x Corsages for bridesmaids
- 1x Car floral decoration
- 1x Bridal MUA trial
- 2x Bridal MUA looks
- Accessories (head flowers, gloves, necklaces, earrings)
- KUA for both bride and groom
- 2x Father's Jacket

PW Video + AD Photo and Video Package (S$2,938)
- 100% paid
- 8 hours AD photography (A2 photos, all in soft copies)
- 8 hours AD video and morning highlight (includes free quick edit if needed, just need to buffer 2 hours for videographer to edit)
- 4 hours PW video shoot (casual attire to be provided by groom and bride)

Please PM me at [email protected] :)