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    TWC: Ala Carte bridal package

    Hi, I’m letting go TWC ala carte bridal gown rental package due to unseen circumstances. Got it at super good deal. PM for more details
  2. A

    Last min taiwan pre wed shoot in Nov 5!

    anyone interested in going for taiwan pre wed shoot in nov 5? Letting go my taiwan pre-wed shoot + actual day gown rental. All in for ur wedding. Let me know. I got the package at $3988 and letting go at $3388.
  3. A

    Help..do u think i could get a refund from bs?

    I signed an open date pre-wedding photography package to taiwan which includes actual day gowns rental with a bridal studio during a roadshow in 2015. Payment for the package has been fully paid for. We made a trip down to the bridal studio in april this year to arrange for our pre-wed shoot as...
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    LOWEST CASH CREDIT DEPOSIT PAID! IMMEDIATE TRANSFER! Photoshoots / Wedding Gowns / Wedding Packages

    LOWEST CASH CREDIT DEPOSIT PAID! IMMEDIATE TRANSFER! Photoshoots / Wedding Gowns / Wedding Packages / Wedding Photoshoots / Graduation Gowns / Family Portraits! Recently purchased a $800 CASH CREDIT worth from a LOCAL GOWN COMPANY situated in TOWN, and selling the cash credit / package off with...

    WTS: PWS + AD package at 3K (1K discount)

    FINAL REDUCTION IN PRICE! Selling gown forestry bridal package (local prewed + actual day) as I’ve won a prewed photoshoot giveaway. Passing on some cost savings. The shop is located at Suntec and the gowns are really pretty! You can go down to take a look :) The items listed below can be...
  6. Levvvvvv

    WTS TWC ala carte gown package

    Ala carte rental of 2 gowns from TWC. Their gowns are really really pretty! Looking for sell the package at $2200
  7. G

    SELLING: Seletar broadway Prewedding+Actual Day package

    Price: $3,388 + GST (Special Exhibition Rate) (I have already paid a deposit of $2,140 ($2,000 + $140 GST)) Package purchased in May 2018 (Open Date) Please see the following for the details of the package: ROM Bride one short dress Makeup and hair styling Pre-wedding Shoot: *All gowns are...
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    I have a bridal package for 2018 with Rico-a-mona and looking to sell it off. - M2M on rental -Short tea dress or Kwa on rental Have paid deposit of 1k+ and we hope to get amount back due to situation. Please drop me a PM for details and an offer as well.
  9. J

    Bridal gown + photo shoot ?

    Hi All, any recommendations?
  10. Z

    Blessed Brides Gown Package to Transfer Cheap

    Hi all, Have the above for transfer. As you know, Blessed brides are one of the only few bridal shops to offer gowns from the La Sposa collection. More of their offerings and info can be found here: http://blessed-brides.com/la-sposa-latest-elegant-beautiful-wedding-gowns/ I have paid $750...