u think i could get a refund from bs?

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  1. Abc123!

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    I signed an open date pre-wedding photography package to taiwan which includes actual day gowns rental with a bridal studio during a roadshow in 2015. Payment for the package has been fully paid for. We made a trip down to the bridal studio in april this year to arrange for our pre-wed shoot as we decided to tie the knots. With this visit to the bridal studio whom we had a package with, we fixed with then appointment for gown fitting (they advised 1mth before the shoot date when we mentioned to try out gowns in the following months), taiwan pre-wed shot date, and has booked our airticket and accommodation in taiwan thereafter.

    Here comes the complication and unhappiness. Im a plus size bride wearing UK16... upon my first visit to the bridal store in april this year, I was given a tour in their store which i specifically checked with the incharge which are the section i could choose my gown from. The incharg replied mentioning i could choose any gown displayed in store. Worrying about the sizes, i reconfirmed if i could fit in all the gowns here. She assured me that i could fit in and select any design from the rack. Thus, we left the studio feeling all assured.

    Now, the time has come for gown fitting for our taiwan pre-wed shoot (which is fixed on the first week of Nov). Guess what? Me and the store assistance has each selected 2 gowns for my fitting. Went into the fitting room and coming out with my own clothes on because i couldnt fit in to all 4 gowns!!! This was such humiliating and upsetting situation for me infront of my parent and sisters!! Subsequently the assistant got me 4 more random gown which she though i have higher chance of fitting into it. However, i could only fit into 2 of it which upsetting....the gown was too mature for me (yellow base) and i look like a wrapped up dumpling(ba zhang) at the back view.

    It was really a disaster to me as this is my most long awaited day in my life where i get to finally see myself in wedding dress i always fantasied of.... left me feeling hurt and looking horrible which i could never imagined. What make it worse was that i could not select the design that i like. I am made to try on gowns that could fit into me and not base on my preferences.

    I was really hurt, upset and disappointed. Before signing of the bridal package, I specially asked if they have gown in my size (as i am very conscious of being a plussize bride) and the sales person assured me they have it. To add on, she have shared with me that her boss has brought in more design and they have over a thousand gown now (said to me in 2015 roadshow). They even show me picture of the store and the gowns.

    However after the fitting session, as you know we would have a dispute with the store. They mentioned that they will arrange another fitting session and will prepare their plus size gown for me. However, they mentioned that they have only a limited selection of plus size gown...

    In my heart now, i an really reluctance to engage their services anymore. They did not deliver what they promised. I was promised to have a wide selection of gown which now ended up with limited selection and was asked to topup for tailmade gown should i have any design preferences in mind. Do you guys think i have the right to demand a refund?

  2. coldjade

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    My (not-so-close) friend, who is rather big sized, signed up for a Taiwan package too, and received some insulting comments from them like
    "Why you don't want to top-up and buy more photos?"
    "Oh it's out of our budget we can't afford it."
    "So poor ah Singaporeans? So poor then don't get married~"

    She complained to the main company, and the company then compensate her by allowing her to choose any gown design on their catalogue, and make to measure for her.

    But downside is that that's the only gown she will have to choose, and she won't be able to do any fitting until she goes to Taiwan.

    So you might want to try writing to the company. But I doubt they will agree for a refund.
  3. taintedkiss

    taintedkiss New Member

    to be honest, I highly doubt that the bridal shop will give a refund. Perhaps you would like to try selling the package and purchasing another one. but before you do, should check the racks first to see the range of sizes they cater to and if anything fits you.

    Realistically speaking, it's quite hard to get gowns off the rack for bigger sizes as a majority of bridals bring in gowns that fit up to UK10. maybe one more option you could consider would be to do a simple MTM?
  4. benmis

    benmis New Member

    Hi, such ting happened to my hubby too. When we signed the package at the bridal expo show, they reassure us that my hubby can fit into their blazer n pants. My hubby is not big size. He's just tall and build,kinda macho. He was disappointed as well when we went down for fitting for pre-wedding shoot. He was so disappointed. As you know for guys the designs already not alot to choose, and non fit him nicely.they even mentioned that Singapore guys are usually small size(make me wanna rolled eyes). He voice out his unhappiness and we made a complaint. We asked to speak to the person who is in charge of the whole shop and we went down to talk again. They promised that they will give my hubby 2 sets made to measure one. They asked him to choose the designs he want and they measure and make for him. And they also promise to bring in more design with His size so that he can choose for our actual day. Which they did as promised. They will not give u any refund, So I think u should keep complaining and keep express how unhappy ,disappointed you are and make them give you MTM gowns. Since they had assured you again and again from the start that you are able to fit in their gowns.
    If not, ask them if your package are transferable? If they say yes, make sure they give u a receipt or something to proof what they had said.
  5. Abc123!

    Abc123! New Member

    I have actually visited 3 bridal store after this incident and i am relieved to say that i can fit in their gown at ease. Infact more bridal store now adays do have plus size wedding gown. Just that the selection will naturally be leeser then regular sized gown. Thanks for yoyr recommendation, i have put up the package for sales.
  6. Abc123!

    Abc123! New Member

    Sorry to hear about your experience too. I went down yesterday for another fitting as they mentioned that they will prepare their plus size selection for me. But ended up it is still selection from the same rack. Just that they choose gowns that are not too fitting. I am able to fit in the gown but the back part looks horrible. Practically the whole of my back has to insert the additional cloth. It looks horrible. They kept saying dont worry about the back view. They wont take photographs of the back. But come on, we do know side view can also see the back. And some nice pose are taken from the back. Even so i could accept this for the photoshoot... but for the wedding actual is so embarrassing wearing such gown. Yet the owner kept saying it’s beautiful..look nice on you. Cant roll my eye enough.... judging from the bridal store attitude, i understand that a refund is impossible..... oh well.... is either i learn a lesson by lossing this $4k or hope someone could take over this package. Such happy occasion but met with this kind of issue... just my luck!
  7. taintedkiss

    taintedkiss New Member

    You're welcome, that's good news. Yes, I've gone to quite alot with my friend who was looking for a larger gown and she was always led to the rack with only a few to choose from. It's quite a common problem for a majority of bridals, especially the popular ones. However, I did manage to convince her to go for a MTM gown, which is definitely more expensive, but worth it as it would fit her proportions better than one off the rack.

    Nevertheless, you may want to be more alert and wary before making payment to the bridals, compared to trusting them too much. Most would promise the moon when they want to make a sale :)
  8. Abc123!

    Abc123! New Member

    Had learnt a lesson through this nightmare.
  9. Kryskel

    Kryskel New Member

    Hi Abc123!

    Thank you for sharing your experience and I am so sorry that you had to go through this.

    Like you, I blindly signed up recently with a Taiwan wedding photography vendor given the assurance they had gowns for plus size recently.
    Till date, they were not able to show me any designs as of yet stating that October to November is their busy period.
    I am starting to get worried if we had made the wrong decision.

    Could you share which bridal studio is this if you don't mind?
  10. benmis

    benmis New Member

    Yaaa. I too regret choosing that bridal shop.. I brought my package during BOWS. Lesson learned, never buy such package in this kind of bridal event. The gowns they show you on pictures Might not be the one you will be getting. So better go down to their shop directly and see their gowns first.. Best ask if can try on the gowns before signing the package. I didn't do this, and I totally regret. Not saying The gowns are not nice, but it's just not those "Wowwww" type. Lol.
    Sometimes the sales person very fake. Obviously when we wear it we know we don't feel good in it, but they keep saying it's nice blablablaaaa... Oh shut up plsss.. Lol.
    It's true pre wedding photos can be edit.. But actual day cannot what.. How can they make you wear something you don't feel good or don't look nice on actual day.

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