1. H

    WTS: Pan Pacific Orchard Wedding Dinner 19 Oct 2024

    Hi all, Due to unforeseen circumstances, I’m looking to sell my wedding dinner package at the newly opened Pan Pacific Orchard on 19 October 2024. Min pax: 260 Negotiated many perks like an upgrade to suite for the package I purchased. PM for further details. Thank you!
  2. B

    WTS+Cover $15k Wedding Dinner @ Parkroyal Pickering (28 Oct 23 fixed)

    We are giving away our wedding package at the Parkroyal Pickering hotel and will cover $15k of the total cost as well. Venue: Parkroyal Pickering Date: 28 October 2023 (fixed) Time: 6pm - 11pm $36,360++ total / $1,818.00++ per table Minimum 20 tables / 200 pax Deposit of $5k has already been...
  3. E

    WTB Wedding Dinner for 100pax 15 Oct 2023

    Hi, Here are a couple of requirements I'm looking for Date: 15 Oct 2023 Pax: 90-110pax Budget: $1600 net per table You can drop me a PM here. Thanks!
  4. K

    Affordable post-ROM Dinner for 15pax

    Any recommendation for private function room for 15pax for Dec 2020? Great if can share approx price / quotation if any.
  5. X

    Private rooms in restaurants?

    Hi all any recommendations for any Chinese or Western style of restaurants, with a nice private room? Looking to have 1-3 tables max, most likely. Bonus if the food is good of course, and if the decor is decent or above average. Even better if the room has some natural light coming in from the...
  6. G

    WTS: Wedding Dinner @ Ramada Hotel for 2019

    Dear all, Happy new year to all! Wish to let go of this package that was signed with very attractive perks! Details: - It is valid for Chinese wedding banquets held from 1 January 2019 till 31 December 2019 (Subject to availabilty) - Can only be for DINNER only - 8 course Chinese cuisine -...
  7. K

    WTS: Dinner Banquet @ Crowne Plaza Hotel

    Selling off Wedding Dinner Package at Crowne Plaza Hotel on 30 June 2019 Min 230 people 8 course chinese dinner set 10 people food tasting Free flow soft drinks and chinese tea Free flow of beer 12 bottles of wine 1 bottle of champagne with glass fountain for toasting Waiver of duty free...
  8. C

    WTB: Urgent Wedding dinner package Nov’18

    Hi there all, i’m looking to buy over wedding dinner package for 18 november 2018.. pls pm me or email me at [email protected] with full details. thanks!
  9. J

    WTS: Conrad Centennial (Weekend dinner, by 31 Dec 2018)

    Hi, Got a wedding weekend dinner at Conrad Centennial Hotel to let go, by 31 Dec 2018 (subjected to availability). Conrad is and award-winning luxury hotel with a grand spiral staircase, high ceiling, ballroom without pillars, and exquisite food. We will be forgoing the deposit of $6000 that...
  10. S

    Letting go: At least 25% discount on wedding/event package at Shangrila

    Dear all, Thought of hosting your wedding at the Shangrila? Here is a good offer for you. I am looking to let go of my wedding event package at the Shangrila. The event has to take place ideally by 31 December 2018 with some exceptions that could be sought for before 31 March 2019. Given...
  11. K

    Letting go: 5 star hotel with private beach space & 2 ballrooms. Open date within 2018

    Hi All, I am letting go a venue @ a 5 star hotel by the beach in Sentosa. Very attractive perks with great discount. Venue includes a private beach that can be used for solemnisation as well as 2 ballrooms that you can choose from: Ballroom 1 - Max 34 tables, Ballroom 2 - Max 22 Tables. Lunch...
  12. F

    WTB: Wedding lunch/dinner on Nov 2019

    Hi there! i'm looking for wedding packages in Nov 2019. Let me know if you are selling. PM with your package price and details thank you! :)
  13. Sizzy

    Letting go Dinner Banquet at Village Hotel, Changi or Village Hotel, Katong

    Dinner Banquet at Village Hotel, Changi or Village Hotel, Katong You may also choose ANY evening (both weekdays and weekends) between now and June 2018 to hold your wedding - subject to the hotel's availability. We can help you arrange with the coordinator to check on your preferred dates...
  14. Y


    Need to sell due to last minute wedding changes. This package includes selection of exclusive gowns from DANNY L (inclusive of the premium dresses) @ Alisha and Lace. -1x wedding gown -1x evening gown (Valid for 5 years) Original Price: $3388 Letting go price: $1800 (Negotiable)
  15. E

    WTB: Dinner 25 Nov 2017

    Hi, Looking to buy for Chinese wedding dinner banquet on 25 NOV 2017. Looking for 12-18 tables, quite flexible. Please email me at [email protected]. Thanks! Ed
  16. lawdio

    WTB: Wedding package for Sept 15,22 or 30, 2018.

    Hi, looking for packages only on these days Looking for dinner or lunch on these days. Kindly email or PM me suitable ones. you can email me at [email protected]
  17. pokiepokie

    WTB Conrad Dinner 2018

    Hi all, Looking to buy any dinner packages for Q4 2018 for Conrad. PM if you are interested to sell (: Thanks!
  18. N

    WTB Banquet Lunch Package - 2nd Half 2018

    Please feel free to PM any lunch packages for 2nd Half 2018 (June - Dec) that you would like to let go :) Thank you very much!!
  19. L

    WTS New shimmering wedding heels

    Brand new in box Shimmering simple but classy silver heels Very comfortable to wear as height is only about 6cm Size 41 (255mm) or size 9 which is usually my size but a bit tight for me :( Think it fits size 40 or size 8 better. The photos don't do the heels justice as it is brighter silver and...
  20. pokiepokie

    WTB: Wedding Banquet (Dinner) 2018

    Hi Ladies, looking for any packages on wedding dinner banquets in 2018. For dates available in second half of the 2018. Interested in unique locations as well. PM me (: