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    Kids or no kids: Did you regret your decision?

    Wondering: A) If you and your spouse decided not to have kids, did you end up regretting the decision? Or are you very happy that you both are child-free? B) If you and your spouse had kids, did you somewhat regret it too? ie, did you feel that if ever you had the chance to turn back time and...
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    Should I tell my daughter now? (Finale)

    Thanks for all comments and advice on my earlier posts on "suspecting wife having an affair". Recent report by PI including pics ... confirmed she is having an affair with my best friend (childhood buddy and known womaniser)!!! He is a married fellow with 2 kids and his wife is a friend of my...
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    Tips For Great Marriage

    Hmmm .... I was wondering if I should be posting this since I have been having last 2 years of marriage issue. Anyways, I am now married for 32 yrs of which 28 yrs were great. Here are my tips .... 1. Communicate (verbal or notes) everyday. Share what each encountered for the day. Any new...