1. myin

    Recommending my ID

    Hi All ! For those gotten your keys , feel free to contact my ID if you need a trustworthy service ! I really love his ideas and design. Told him I really like Cosy home and he plan out everything for me ! disclaimer : well I do know the ID personally but I’m not getting any referral fees or...
  2. Y

    So happy with our house renovation

    hi all recently we finished renovating our house which is a 4rm resale in Sengkang. As we had no idea what to do with the house, we asked around for some ideas and quotes from IDs. We didn want to go to a contractor because we wanted to have some nice design & ideas and wanted our house to...
  3. ash80

    HomePro Inspection- Defects Inspection Service for New BTO,EC,Condo

    Are you getting keys to your new home soon? Do you know what is the most important thing that you do after receiving the keys to your new home?