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Discussion in 'Home And Deco' started by yee peng, Jun 12, 2019.

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    hi all
    recently we finished renovating our house which is a 4rm resale in Sengkang.

    As we had no idea what to do with the house, we asked around for some ideas and quotes from IDs.
    We didn want to go to a contractor because we wanted to have some nice design & ideas and wanted our house to look a bit different from the normal standard 5rm flat. We also wanted someone who can project manage for us.

    As usual, we looked around for some IDs (nearly 8 of them) and those bigger IDs (who always have advertisements with TV shows etc) they were really expensive and would not "entertain" us when we told them of our budget.

    Finally, a friend recommended this ID to us. In the beginning, we thought he had very peculiar designed as his portfolio all shows very dark designs. But after meeting up with him, he came back with a quote for us the next few days and although it was a bit over the budget, we liked his design as it was very different (we requested for a fair theme) and so we went with him. He will also explain to us on the pros & cons of having something (if it was practical or not etc) and the best practices because of his experiences. Sometimes his suggestions are so on point that its exactly what we need!

    The entire reno period took 4weeks, including hacking & plastering & painting etc. He was on site nearly EVERYDAY!!! He will update us with pictures and status of what's happening and until we were so lazy we only went to the house every weekend. The quality of materials he used were very good and feels very solid. (i am super anal about flimsy materials, exposed trunking, slanted walls, uneven walls etc)

    I will strongly recommend him to anyone who wants design + good quality works! Its totally not true that designers have higher prices because his price is comparable to contractors.

    I can pm his contact & details if anyone is interested!
    (Disclaimer: totally not sponsored, just that i feel he deserves more business!)

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    Do you mind share with me?
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    Hi! pm you already
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    Sourcing IDs for my future home! Mind to PM? :)
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    of cos! pm you already
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    Hi mind to pm me? Thank you
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    Sorry to say but the entire review sounds like self advertising - disgusting as a home owner to promote the ID.

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