1. Emilymin

    WTB: Wedding package 2017, Oct - Dec.

    Hi! We are looking to buy weekend package, Saturday (preferably) or Sunday, dinner. Table: 35 - 40 Contact me Emily @ 93388495 the details! or email me at [email protected]
  2. acidic12345

    Grand Hyatt Dinner WKEND Banquet - Extras?

    Hi Who has recently booked a wedding banquet with Grand Hyatt? Care to share your additional perks/freebies/discounts given? Pls PM Thanks
  3. Y

    WTB: Looking for banquet for Feb 17

    Dear all, I am looking for banquet for either 18 Feb 2017 or 25 Feb 2017 dinner. Approximate table count is 10 to 15 tables. Kindly PM if available. Thank you.
  4. N

    Any venue suggestions for 8 July 2017?

    Hello all, I am looking for venue options that could accommodate 200-250 guests for lunch. Ideally, we would like a venue: - max. $1000 per table - with daylight - air-conditioned Anyone has experiences with organising a catered lunch at a rented venue? I like the idea of holding it at a...