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  1. T

    WTS: TWC PW Video and/or AD Bridal, Photo & Video Package

    Looking to sell Thomson Wedding Collection (TWC) packages (till Feb 2023). Listing the packages (2x) below, you can take either 1 or both. Total for 2 packages is S$6,574.93, negotiable especially if BTB takes both packages. Bridal Package (S$3636.93) **Includes special deal which I will share...
  2. T

    TWC AD Bridal Package

    Hi BTBs who are interested in Thomson Wedding Collections (TWC) packages or one-stop bridal services, please PM me. I would like to let go of my package (2 years from 14 Feb) as I would like to take on another package with an external photographer instead, despite having a much better deal with...
  3. J

    WTS AD Full Package (PG + VG + Bridal + MUA)

    There are some changes in our Wedding Planning thus letting go. I'm a big fan of their works, signed with them at BOWS recently as they gave S$900 rebate & have negotiated the following amazing deal: Malena Bridal Worth: > S$9k+++ Asking: < S$7k (Each package is about S$2k only) Date is...
  4. J

    AD Photo & Videography (with MUA) - Valid till 31 Dec 2019

    Getting married this year, before 31 Dec 2019? YES, this is a deal you don't want to miss! I am letting go of Photography & Videography! It is also inclusive of Make-Up Artist! Drop me a message of your DATE if you are interested! A lot of dates are fully booked already! Hope to hear from you...
  5. Jxin

    Selling AD photography & videography

    Hi all, I'm selling away my Ad photography and videography for this year going at $2500 (neg). Throwing in free AD MUA. PM me for more info. Thanks.
  6. K

    WTS my AD PG+VG

    Hi, all. I'm trying Sell / letting go my AD package. Here's my Package details. 1Vg full day 10hrs coverage Free SDE Highlight's & full video given back in HD & DVD 1Pg Full day, 10hrs coverage All photo given Back in High Resolution Full day Slide HD Free 1 ablum 10R Wanted to know more...