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    What should I do now?

    H Tazlyn... I took up SG citizenship back in 2018.I gave birth to my girl while visiting my mum who was criticially sick back in Malaysia at that time and she had been taking care of her until she passed away of Covid back in 2020.My family friend offered to take care of my girl in return for a...
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    What should I do now?

    Hi,I am new here.... I was originally born in Malaysia and came to SG to study at the age of 13.Was educated here and went into the teaching profession.....Got my SG citizenship and married along the way to a regular. I resigned last year to take a year's break in 2022 from teaching due to the...
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    I like an attached guy

    You dont have to live like that sis.....Why subject yourself to this sort of life when you know his true character by now? You should step out bravely and let him see that you can live well without him.Break off from him quickly. Or even pursue your own happiness.
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    Husband visited sex worker

    I am in the same situation as you.....My hubby visited prostitutes while giving me the excuse of going on a business trip. Now not sure want to divorce or not because of my young daughter.She is back in Malaysia being taken care of by a family friend while I am working here.